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Thread: Can't get life insurance

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    Can't get life insurance

    I've been told by my insurance agent that persons having an indwelling cath can't get term life insurance. Anybody found a way around this?

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    life insurance

    What we've discovered is if you have a disability you can't get reasonably priced insurance period. Life or anything else. However, if you work for a company with a group plan that offers health, life or long term disabiltiy you can get it all for a reasonable price.

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    Tag is right unless you have the means to pay huge premiums. I checked once when self employed and they wanted anywhere from 16 to 20 thousand a year for bad coverage.My group plan with the county costs me nothing but I think they regret the day I rolled in the door.WR

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    Are you working?

    In contemplating retirement I knew I would lose about 90% of my LI from work. A year before retiring I explored getting a private policy. I am a para, although I don't use an indwelling. The Ins. co. was more concerned about previous drug use and HIV. My application was approved with the only hitch being that I was charged the smoker's rate, even though I don't smoke. The key is finding an astute agent that knows and cares about you. Ours was great. Oh, yeah, the working part. She told me to make sure that I get the insurance while I was still employed, as it would be a lot easier than if I was unemployed. This may be more of a factor than your indwelling.

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    You can get, it but be ready to pay up

    I too was initially told I was uninsurable. After an extensive search and many dead ends, I finally found the good folks at It's a national insurance broker that handles not only the young, healthy and easily insured, but 'special situations' as well. They represent literally hundreds of insurance companies.

    Thankfully, they found one willing to offer me coverage. I got $500,000 of 20 year level term for $1,220 a year. As a point of comparison, my wife, whose is the same age as me, got an identical policy for $250 a year. Doh! I could have reduced my premium by reducing the amount or the length of the term.

    My policy was written by Empire General. The insurance broker said another company would have been able to provide a much lower quote (perhaps as much as 50% lower) but they weren't licensed to do business in my state (VA). Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact name of the company. I believe it was Security National or Security First. Be sure to ask about them.

    Good luck. As we all know, everything is either harder or more expensive (or both!) with SCI.

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    Try these people. I know they did good with mine. They are advertised as a "Special Needs Agency". The Glatfelter Agency 717-852-8000 Once you talk to them they have an 800 number. I cant find it. Good Luck!!

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