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Thread: staying warm in the winter

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    staying warm in the winter

    Maybe we should put this under it's own heading.
    I am looking for tips on staying warm this winter
    while living on a college campus in Michigan

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    I live in Minnesota and the first 4 years after my accident were torture. Every winter I was always cold. But over time I discovered a few ways to stay warm. Here they are:

    - Portable heater blowing toward your shoulders, neck, and face (just be careful not to dry out your skin).
    - Wearing a turtleneck works really well ( sells some nice ones).
    - Drink hot drinks like tea, apple cider, and coffee.
    - Fleece clothing and blankets.
    - Try one of those heated neck warmers that you can heat up in the microwave.
    - And to beat your coldness, go outside without a jacket on for a few minutes. For me this helped because it forced my nerves to regulate themselves (I know this sounds weird but it worked for me).

    And of course, cuddling and sex always work

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    Theophania wrote, "And of course, cuddling and sex always work "

    I'm going to print this one and tell the wife I have found the cure for being cold ! !

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    You might want to check out the BodyWarmer heat strip.


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    how hot does that thing get? I've heard bad things about people being burned from heated car seats and heating pads.

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    OK, here is my idiot story. Be careful with the heating pads. I use one of those pads you put in the microwave for some shoulder pain about one year ago. I didn't realize it was across my line of sensation on my back and I had one hell of a burn for a few months.

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    staying warm in the winter

    Hubby has a C5 injury and did his college years in SW Minnesota, his solution was:

    1. One of the infared heat lamps (available at any hardware store) Clipped it
    to the top of his book shelves and toasted himself after returning to his dorm
    room. Was also good after the sprint from the shower back to the room.

    2. Lots and Lots of Hot tea, chocolate, cider

    3. Wool Mitten liners

    4. Silk socks to go over his support socks was a must after frost bite of the

    5. A stocking cap, one of the first things we learned growning up in the frozen
    tundra - if your toes get cold - put on a hat.

    6. Finally in limited quantities Cinnamon or Peach Schnapps. Also goes good
    in the hot chocolate.

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