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Thread: Finding a primary care doc

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    Finding a primary care doc

    How do you go about it? I've always been in the medical field. Knew who the good dr's were. Now I'm in a new town, no friends and no job. It's all by guess and by golly. The first guy looked down my shirt the whole time (in front of my 12 yr old son). I like the 2nd guy, but he's far too busy, his office doesn't return phone calls. I had to go in Friday and raise hell in the office to get a question answered. (I've got a rectal fistula-after 4 misdiagnoses, I decided I wasn't going to be the only person around with 2 buttholes. Share the wealth).So it's time to move on. Does anyone have a system? At my wits end-Betheny

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    Ask everyone you know for a recommendation, and interview the physicians (they should NOT charge you for the interview). Go with a list of questions, and if you don't get the answers you like, schedule some more interviews. If they won't give you a free interview, cross them off your list.

    Another good place to get names is from the nurses at the local hospital. Hang out in the hospital cafeteria a couple days a lunch and ask any RN you see. They know who the good and bad doctors are better than anyone else.


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