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Thread: Fernando, Chris, and Vladko

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    Fernando, Chris, and Vladko

    Hey I finally found one of the links I had to a manufacturer who does all sorts of aftermarket modifications for cars/trucks,and then some. I hope you guys find what you're looking for. And if one of you happens to convert a porsche or ferrari with hand controls, I'll take the second ride.

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    Thanks for the link. Awesome information. I may be able to modify my sportscar after all!


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    That stuff looks cool, but not too practical for a quad methinks.

    But I'd love to see how that accelerator ring works.


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    Thanks for the link. I'll be looking for similar companies around here.

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    thanks a lot for the link.........
    I'll check it out immediately))
    I don't have a Ferrary but think that
    Nissan Praire(88) will pass

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    gp, can you post this on the Links Forum? Wise.

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    What a cool concept, having a joystick, like in that Vertigo, man I'd do anything to take that puppy for a blast.

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    I'm really curious how it works........

    They don't give any info about how it works. If they've done so I could for example do it by myself.

    Does someone know how it works?

    Has someone asked about its price?
    I'm wondering how much will they want for this?
    If not too much I'll try to get one.


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    Did you see the joystick control of the quad who drives the race car? I think most quads could do it with a joystick.

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    Semi - automatic clutch

    Found this website for manual transmission conversion kit.

    Mistake on site address spelling. Should be;

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