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    I told you y'all needed to talk! >>huge smile<<, and an imaginary cyber hug for you!

    Keep your chin up!


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    I just reread this whole thread and realized I owe everybody a huge thank you for the wonderful advice. This site has helped my outlook on life tremendously.

    Anyway, Tana's brother came to see me yesterday. He showed up by himself and we had a very pleasant visit. As soon as he came, I realized that he was reaching out to me and I admired the fact that he could come and talk to me alone. We talked for over an hour and as he was leaving he asked me again about his wedding. This was the first time the subject had been brought up since he initially asked me several months ago. For awhile now I've been planning on telling him no. When he asked me yesterday, the words "I'd be happy to" just came out of my mouth. The best part is that I don't regret my answer. It feels so good to be able to let go of my anger and get on with my life.

    Once again, a huge thank you to all of you that have helped me so much.


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