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Thread: Member Intros

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    I think we've done this type of thread before. Nice to see some new faces and stories. Welcome.

    Erin, contrary to your belief I am the voice of Care cure.

    I'm soon to be 39. C6-7 quad injured 06/02/00 in a downhill mountain bike accident exactly 15yrs from my college graduation. Irony in there somewhere. Married, former extreme sports athlete and pro cyclist. Three jobs. Husband, sci recovery/cure advocate, etc. and my day job - stockbroker.

    Formerly a NJ and CA and Il resident we now live in beautiful CO.

    Oh yeah, also a member/moderator of the most important website known to man and a 2002 olympic torchbearer.


    Onward and Upward!

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    Originally posted by nevada:

    Hi my name is Charles and I live in North Dakota I was injured when i fell into a garbage pit while throwing out the boxes from our move into our new home. I am fairly new to the world of SCI six months as of today the 20th of Oct. I am a C6/7 incomplete. I am the father of a three and half year old boy and married to the women of my dreams now for 14 years. I work as a senior mechaic for the US Army Corps of Engineers at the Garrison Dam Hydro Electric powerplant located on the Missouri River
    The Missouri River is in North Dakota and your screen name is Nevada? No wonder our kids suck at geography, we make it so damned complicated!

    - Joe

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    Erin, The business cards at Kodak are standard issue - they all look the same. And almost nobody wears suits to work at Kodak anymore, certainly not engineers or scientists. Your uncle might be a marketing person.

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    Originally posted by Chris:

    Erin, contrary to your belief I am the voice of Care cure.
    Wow, what overwhelming modesty.

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    Joe my screen name is Nevada which just happens to be the name of my little boy who is the insperation for my recovery. Oh and by the way the Missouri River actually starts in Montana and for your information is the longest river in America

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    Erin, contrary to your belief I am the voice of Care cure.
    OMG, I was totally trying to figure out why you would say that to me Chris. I was lying in bed last night and it just popped up in my head. I realized that I said that in regards to the Krispy kreme story. That's freakin hilarious. Sorry, I was just on a little rant that day I guess. Glad to know that you still hold the title of the CareCure voice.

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    Bonjour ya'll!!

    I am not SCI, my husband Bill is, T5 complete(as far as we know). He was hurt cutting wood for our woodstove with our son in May '98. We live on the Canadian prairie in a small town of 800 so this website has been my lifeline. I sure wish I could inspire my significant other to join the chatter here once in awhile. I print things for him to read sometimes. I appreciate everything I learn from you all . . . "thanks a bunch".(Funny I'm reminded of the movie Fargo whenever I say that)

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    Erin, I'm glad that you have a good sense of humor.

    Maybe you can explain it to Lindsays.

    Onward and Upward!

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    Mike C. American. A man barely alive. The doctors said:" We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to make him into one of the worlds living SCI men. Mike C will be that man. Shorter...weaker...slower."

    Been around since the beginning. Had my accident testing the effects of gravity waves on the human body while operating a sled on Christmas Day, 1996. The experiment was successful, and I discovered how to become a C6/7 tetra. No, I didn´t get the Noble prize for theoretical physics.

    I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. Did a 6 year stint in the US Army, 3 years in Ft. Rucker in Alabama as an Air Traffic Controller, and then 3 years in Grafenwehr, Germany doing the same. Met my wife, got married in Denmark in 1990, and moved back to LI working as a lineman. Moved back to Bavaria in 1994 and got into the crystal industry making the stuff. Very interesting working for a german company, and over time picked up the language (speak or die is a good motto to go

    Now retired, but my wife is going to PT school and will be finished in 2003. Goal is to open up a practice for SCI, stroke and other neurological afflictions and stock it with modern equipment unavailable at the local level. I hope to do some writing, especially about military history. I´m still looking for my iron boot though. I need it to get my ass in gear and to get started!!

    Wise slapped this site together from the apocalyptic end days of Cando, and I can only say that it truly is the best on the net. Welcome you newbees you!!

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    I am the wife of a C6 quadriplegic. He was injured on May 6, 1999 in a work related MVA. That was five weeks before our wedding. Our wedding went on anyways, although we hadn't planned on the halo or spending our wedding night and honeymoon in a rehab hospital. Our life together, post injury, has turned out very well. I am a construction estimator for a metal stud/drywall contractor. My hubby is not working yet, but he is working on that right now. I do spend a lot of time on this site just reading the posts. I tell my husband all the time about things that are said. There has been so many posts on here that have helped us tremendously.

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