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  • I never fake it..if I'm miserable I show it.

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  • I fake it in some situations when I just don't want to get into it all...

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  • I often fake it, except with close friends/family.

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  • I'm always faking it...I don't let people see the real me.

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  • I'm truly positive!!

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Thread: Faking it, until you make it...

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    Faking it, until you make it...

    How many people fake being positive when they are down?

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    this is a good one, emi. I often fake it, but the thing about it is, sometimes if I FORCE myself to act positively, I find myself eventually not being foul anymore, even on the inside. does that make any sense? like if you just for five minutes say okay i'm going to put on my happy face.... sometimes you find yourself going way beyond the five minutes and forget you're even counting to five minutes and then the whole evening goes by and you find you've had a blast!

    But then there are other times when I'm like dammit okay i'm just going to act pleasant even though it kills me. And it kills me. I'm screaming on the inside but have on a smile. Yargh. There's this movie called Sunshine State and one of the characters is a mermaid swimmer for the aquatic gardens and she says "you have to always smile, even when you're drowning." It sucks, and I think sometimes it's expected more of women than it is of men.

    A lot of it depends on who I'm with, a lot depends on exactly what's making me scream on the inside to begin with. How is it for you, Emi? Hope my reply helps.

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    I'm fairly honest; if someone asks me how I'm doing on a bad day I'll say I've been better but don't really go into details. Even tho I'm not necessarily all smiles that day I still try and be polite and not take it out on the people around me, it's not their fault after all.

    Then again most people know me as a cranky cynic on a normal basis.

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    It was Hamlet who said, "I shall put an antic disposition on."

    While I don't try to act crazy, there are many times I have to force myself to be happy for the sake of others.


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    I'm too old to fake it. And what's the point?

    I've always been positive. It's generally pretty rare that I'm having a 'bad' day.

    Onward and Upward!

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    yup yup

    i fake it 99% of the time more trying to trick myself into believeing its all good. i figure if i am bitter all the time that would just complicate things more. i would rather keep it simple.
    plus i know i am trying to overcome alot right now. and would like to think once all this damn smoke clears there is going to be light at the end of this dark tunnel.
    i refuse to let him win

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    The only way to help yourself feel better, is to allow yourself to feel worse.

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    It is the hardest times that bring the growing times..

    ChasB I see eye to eye with you here. You know that I hate the part about feeling the pain and you know that I am so much like tarzan going from place to place screaming making noise, but I figure if you are going to fail fail loudly that way you will learn and never forget. This feeling the bad times is not so much fun at all...but there is every reason to allow it all to build us all to better people. There are members on these forums that have grown as people and risen in my esteem just this year. This gives me an idea for a thread of my own....hmmmmm....


    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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