OK, Joni is for adult stem cell research for a cure but against embryonic stem cell research.

Doesn't she understand that if it were not for fetal and embryonic research that we would not even know about adult stem cells? That stem cells were first discovered by research using embryos and fetal cells and that research led to the discovery of adult stem cells? Now, to be consistent in her beliefs, she should reject any cures that come from adult stem cells, too.

She also believes that God put her in her wheelchair for a purpose and she is living out His plan for her life. I don't buy that line of theology belief at all. I read her first book she wrote after she was injured. I read another of her recent books (part way through) after I was injured. I quit reading it and told my daughter to burn it up.

While I respect her accomplishments, her lack of consistency in her beliefs and using her power to slow research and cures is bothersome.