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Thread: The Bush Cabal End Game: Terrorist Insurance, Kissinger and Other Scams

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    The Bush Cabal End Game: Terrorist Insurance, Kissinger and Other Scams

    by Al Martin

    (Dec 2) The Bush scams continue. Last week it was protecting Republican pals in the pharmaceutical industry and security firms from lawsuits. This week there's the terrorism insurance bill. Nobody really understood what it was all about, but now we know. As you may remember, it was something that Bush kept pushing and pushing. Why? Now we know the scam...

    First of all, it's a huge lie, as was pointed out once he signed it. Bush kept trying to sell it on the idea that "let's put America back to work" and "look at all the construction projects that have been held up because there's no terrorism insurance."

    The Chicago Daily News did a big investigation piece on this. Did you know there was not one construction project in the United States that was held up for lack of terrorism insurance?

    This was pointed out to the Bush administration and they finally back down from the previous lies and said that "this will help the nation's economy." And there's Bush standing there signing it next to a bunch of guys wearing hard hats, who are supposed to be construction workers out of work. And Bush says, "This bill will put these people back to work."

    And the guy from the Chicago Daily News says, "Well, Mr. President, these men were never out of work because of the lack of terrorism insurance" and this really embarrassed Bush.

    The idea of providing catastrophic or unusual insurance coverage from the government is not new. They talked about riot insurance that the Johnson and Nixon administrations had offered to insurance companies in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The insurance companies had to pay premiums for them. This so-called "terrorist insurance" is a straight giveaway of taxpayers' money. The insurance companies don't have to pay a dime for it.

    The US Government now says they will provide up to $90 billion a year of coverage if any property covered by any insurance company is destroyed due to "terrorist attacks." And the minimum claim level they're worried about is just $3000 which they say is so low that it could literally be construed that a guy who throws a pipe bomb through a shop window would be enough to collect -- once they declare it an act of terrorism.

    The whole phony scheme is that its billed as a Terrorism Insurance Bill but it doesn't really have to be "terrorism." Under the bill's guidelines, anything could be construed as an act of "terrorism."

    (Maybe they'll be able to grandfather in Wellstone's "accident" into the Terrorism Insurance provisions.)

    This is a direct giveaway of US taxpayers' money to the insurance companies - without the insurance companies having to pay one dime.

    It makes you wonder if Hank Greenberg, a/k/a Mr. AIG is the prime beneficiary, but the really big beneficiaries are the offshore based re-insurance companies. There are only really a couple of big American reinsurance companies left. In anticipation of this bill, many reinsurance companies moved a lot of their surplus accounts. They've been taking profits, which should have been paid out in the form of dividends and simply tucking them away in an offshore account, so they can't be touched. Instead they will be using taxpayers' money should there be any further "terrorist" incident.

    This is just a $90 billion a year giveaway of US taxpayers money to help Bushonian friends in the insurance business. The definition of "terrorist act" is so loose that the man from the American Consumer Conference on Insurance said the terrorist part of this is so weak that even if a blond haired blue eyed guy throws a pipe bomb through a bakery window because he's upset as long as he's upset and he disagrees with Bushonian policy on the "war on terrorism" and "domestic security" then he's classified as a "terrorist."

    Any internal act of violence that results in the destruction of property can be construed as a "terrorist" act, as long as the perpetrator of that act is a "bad citizen," a citizen who disagrees with Bushonian policy.

    The definition of what a terrorist is keeps blurring and simultaneously expanding to include more American citizens.

    But this act opens American taxpayers up to an enormous potential liability the way the bill is written. Bush said that if a billion dollar office building were knocked down, this insurance would rebuild it. But that's not what the fine print says.

    The fine print says that this takes in a $3000 minimum claims limit considering who it is by the new definition of who can be declared a terrorist.

    This could set up a whole new category of insurance scam. The Terrorist Fender Bender Scam. Or the Terrorist Whiplash Scam. As in the "the terrorist gave me whiplash when he rear ended me."

    And who's on the board of directors of American Re? There has been a long and close affiliation of the Bush Family and the insurance industry, especially American Re and AIG. (See "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider" by Al Martin)

    This is just a transfer of money from the American taxpayer to Bushonian friendly insurance companies. And that's all this terrorism insurance bill really is.

    But you can imagine the way this is set up and the scams that are going to be formed

    Bush also signed the so-called "Intelligence Authorization Act" which vastly increases the power of the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. to spy on American citizens. It effectively extends presidential power to override part of the CIA's charter and loosen the regulation about the CIA not being able to spy domestically. This will be a contravention of the CIA charter (National Security Act of 1947) by expanding the CIA's ability to spy on US citizens within the United States.

    Using his new powers under the USA Patriot act, Bush has the ability to expand the CIA's capabilities, contravening the original law, to surveill upon American citizens domestically.

    In other news, Bush knows that it's all over - and he's just going through the motions. He's come up with nothing new in terms of an economic agenda and no new economic stimulus. The only thing he wants to see passed are accelerated tax cuts for the rich and the elimination of the estate tax - none of which is going to provide a boost to the economy.

    Bush understands what a lot of people are beginning to understand -- the long-term economic collapse of the United States is now unavoidable because of that the Bushes have done to us. Consequently the only thing he's doing is attempting to execute the rest of his agenda, i.e. to make the United States a defacto tax free nation for the rich and to transfer as much public money to Bushonian Cabalist interests as possible. I think that's his only agenda. He knows that there's nothing that he can do to turn things around, since it was he and his father who destroyed it all. Obviously it would be ludicrous for them to make any effort to turn it around because then people would figure out what it was that they did to begin with.

    Now there's not even a pretense anymore because Bush knows that it's politically impossible to save the United States economically. The Charlie Rose show said what I've been saying all along on radio shows that even if George Bush Jr. only serves one term in office, he's going to leave behind at least a $15 - $18 trillion debt, depending on how you calculate it. It would take 50 consecutive years of an administration that could produce $300 billion annual budget surpluses over 50 consecutive years to pay down that debt. And what are the chances of the American people allowing that to happen? They wouldn't allow a fiscally prudent regime to remain in office that long.

    They would have to suffer the consequences of the previous Bushonian frauds and it would all have to come out. And that isn't going to happen. The mainstream media would never allow that to happen. The Republicans would never let that happens. The Republicans are transferring as much wealth from the people to themselves as possible and garnering as much political and would be military control, so they can control the collapse when it comes.

    If the whole truth would ever come out now, there wouldn't be any more Republican Party. People ask me on radio shows all the time, "What do we do about it?" and I say you do what the Smart Republican Money does, that is you trade the markets now to make as much as you can, convert your profits into gold and sit on it and wait for the end to come."

    I say you don't need cans of spam like the survivalists say. Food will always be available. It'll just cost more. Or the currency necessary to purchase it will change.

    But nobody cares anymore.

    The enforcement agencies don't enforce anymore. Their enforcement powers have been watered down. Their budgets have been dissipated. The FBI is actually considering doing away with its WCC, its White Collar Crime division because the White House wants them to concentrate almost exclusively on "terrorism."

    Wall Street Journal got rid of its white-collar crime-reporting writers. The SEC is in turmoil and has been watered down. The FTC has been stripped. All the regulatory agencies virtually don't exist anymore. We're potentially creating a whole new era of the Salad Days of Fraud again.

    In other news, Bush held a news conference on the formation of the "Independent" Commission on 9-11, which is going to investigate "US intelligence failures" leading up to the 9-11 incident.

    And guess who's heading the commission? Henry Kissinger. And he said, "Ve vill find out und ve vill take ze leads to verever they go."

    If this isn't a classic case of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse...

    Henry is going to tell us who all the Bad Republicans are, who committed the intelligence failures. But this bespeaks volumes about the whitewash of this probe.

    Henry Kissinger has spent his entire career covering up for the Bush Family, particularly when it came to covering up connections to Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf in general

    Kissinger helped cover up the Bush Family's long affiliation with Ghaith Pharaon, the former head of Saudi Intelligence, and their affiliation with Osama bin Laden.

    Pharaon was getting tired of getting hammered all the time for his connections with George Bush Sr. and he told Bush that if you don't get the media and these congressional Democrats off my back, who keep sending subpoenas to every country in the world looking for me, I'm going to have to start telling the truth.

    This was a time when George Bush Sr. was head of CIA and Pharaon was the head of Saudi intelligence. And now they put a guy like Kissinger in who can carefully weed out every single connection that the Bush Family has with Saudi Arabia.

    You can call this 9-11 Probe the "Warren Commission Redux" in honor of the cover-up of the Kennedy assassination.

    It must be noted that Kissinger is one of America's greatest criminals. In fact, Kissinger is the First World Class Criminal, a man who cannot enter more than 37 countries because he's either under subpoena by some investigating committee within those countries or because those countries have stated that they will not use their own intelligence resources to protect him from assassination.

    After all, even John Poindexter, former Iran Contra Scamscateer and now head of the Defense Department's Information Awareness Office and Oliver North are only barred from entering Costa Rica, where they were both under indictment.

    It really is ironic that Henry Kissinger, the world's First Global Criminal would have been picked to do the 9-11 Cover-up.

    Another note about Dick Cheney. The timber industry was pressuring the Bush Administration to speed up the relaxation of logging. They were complaining that a lot of the easing of logging regulations and pollution control had gotten bogged down in red tape and the Bush Administration promised to immediately clear up the red tape "for the sake of American industrial expansion." Dick Cheney has always been closely aligned with timber industry interests and for years fought for the timber industry in Wyoming being completely exempted from Bureau of Land Management regulations.

    Cheney said that we might as well cut all the trees down now, since we're going to do it eventually anyway "to build more tract housing and strip malls." He was smiling when he said it.

    That's the Republican Mandate -- raping and pillaging the environment to the very end.

    The interviewer asked him, "But what about the pollution of the rivers and soil erosion, Mr. Vice President?'" And Cheney shrugged his shoulders and says, "Who cares?"

    There's no pretense anymore. Putting Kissinger in charge of the 9-11 probe is like a Bitch Slap, not only to the American people, but to the entire world.

    When the Bush Administration put Kissinger in charge of the 9-11 probe, Pro Gov Net (Pro Government Network) media did a poll, "Do you think Henry Kissinger was the best man for the job?" 78% of the people said yes.

    It's because of these responses that they get from the American people that they don't have to lie. They really don't have to lie or couch things anymore. They just come right out and say it.

    The Bushonian Cabal has created a whole new political movement in this country, which I have entitled "American Disempowerment"

    Or you could call it "American Catatonia." We have become a nation floating in a sea of Jack Daniels, punctuated by bobbing capsules of Prozac, adrift on rafts in a catatonic sea.

    It's the American Comatose public. Or, to coin a phrase, the United States of Catatonia. (Not to be confused with Catalonia.)

    Finally, we have a new tagline for the Al Martin Raw website - "Information may want to be free, but you know you have to pay for the truth."

    In other words, information is a commodity just like any other, that is bought and sold every day. Information like any other commodity is worth what you pay for it.

    But the truth, of course, is on a different level. There are no discount coupons for the truth.

    AL MARTIN is America's foremost expert on corporate and government fraud. A relentless whistleblower, he has written a book called, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider," which chronicles his adventures with the Bush Cabal (National Liberty Press, Order Line: 866-317-1390). This detailed account of government criminal operations, namely State-sanctioned fraud, drug trafficking and illicit weapons sales, is unprecedented in publishing history. Al Martin is also well known for his great charm and profound insights into world events, and he is frequently interviewed on many talk radio shows across the nation. His weekly column "Behind the Scenes in the Beltway" is published regularly online at Al Martin Raw, (

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    Kissinger resigns

    WASHINGTON, Dec. 13 - Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stepped down Friday as chairman of a panel investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, citing the controversy over whether he would be compromised by conflicts of interest with his business clients.

    THE COMMISSION is to follow up the work of the congressional inquiry that issued its final report Wednesday on intelligence failures leading up to the attacks. The commission will conduct a broader investigation, looking at issues beyond intelligence, including aviation security and immigration.
    Senate Democrats had demanded that Kissinger reveal the clients of his international consultancy firm, which include multinational corporations and foreign governments, saying he could be caught in an untenable position if one of them were found to have some culpability. The panel's original vice chairman, Democratic former Sen. George Mitchell of Maine, resigned from the commission Wednesday, partly because of similar pressures connected with his law firm.
    But Kissinger refused, and President Bush supported him, even though the Congressional Research Service issued two reports in less than a week saying all members of the commission - including presidential appointees - were bound by Senate ethics requirements to submit financial disclosures that would reveal potential conflicts.
    After a week of withering criticism, Kissinger withdrew from the commission rather than reveal his list of clients.
    "It is clear that ... the controversy would quickly move to the consulting firm I have built and own," Kissinger wrote in a letter to Bush. "I have, therefore, concluded that I cannot accept the responsibility you proposed."
    Bush said in a statement that he had accepted Kissinger's resignation even though he believed "his chairmanship would have provided the insights and analysis the government needs to understand the methods of our enemies and the nature of the threats we face."
    "As I stated at the time of his appointment, Dr. Kissinger is one of our nation's most accomplished and respected public servants. I thank him for his willingness to consider serving his country once again," Bush said.
    He promised to pick a new chairman to help "uncover every detail and learn every lesson of Sept. 11, even as we act on what we have learned so far to better protect and defend America."
    Sen. Richard Shelby, R-Ala., vice chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, told NBC News that he was disappointed by Kissinger's decision. He predicted that former Sen. Warren Rudman, R-N.H., who was co-chairman of an independent panel that issued a blistering report on the nation's preparedness for terrorism before Sept. 11, 2001, would replace Kissinger.

    Kissinger's selection had sparked considerable controversy even before the dispute over his clients arose.
    'It is clear that, although specific potential conflicts can be resolved in this manner, the controversy would quickly move to the consulting firm I have built and own.' - HENRY KISSINGER
    Kissinger, 79, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and secretary of state under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, has been a polarizing figure in U.S. politics for three decades because of his policy-making role during the Vietnam War and the bombing of Cambodia.
    Kissinger said he had told White House lawyers that he was willing to remove the appearance of conflict of interests by submitting "all relevant financial information" to the White House and to an independent review.
    But he said he had concluded that such a process would would have "significantly delayed" the commission's work.
    "My hope is that by the decision to step aside now, the joint commission can proceed without further controversy," he said.
    The dispute is not the first involving the commission, which will begin its work early next month. Family members of victims and congressional Democrats have questioned whether the Bush administration wants an honest evaluation of the attacks, with its report due to come out less than six months before the 2004 presidential election.
    Negotiations creating the commission were also bogged down by disputes over its makeup and rules, with lawmakers and the White House accusing each other of trying to manipulate it for political purposes.

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    All I can say is Amen JLB - feels good not being taken by this administration.


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