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Thread: What do I do?

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    What do I do?

    I was just notified that I am qualified to receive SSI benefits until the end of OCtober. Since I applied in July, I will be getting backpay from Aug., Sept., Oct. My SSDI kicks in after October and I will be getting some money every month until I finish school and part time work. I was told by the SSI guy, that since I am receiving over a certain amount in SSDI, I am not eligible for SSI past Oct. This means that I am not eligible for Medicaid under SSI. Bear with me, I know this is confusing. So does anyone know if this means that I cannot get medicaid period, or if I have to keep reapplying for the spindown program every three months? This is really aggravating, and making me frustrated that I didn't have health insurance at the time of my accident. Does anyone have any advice or a route I could take to get Medicaid that they didn't tell me about? Thanks!

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    The difference between the two programs is that when you receve SSDI, you have record of previous work xprerience. You will be on Medicaid also with SSDI.

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    Medicaid rules vary some state by state. Since you are in Arkansas, Erin, have you called your state SCI program case manager for help with this issue? They should be able to direct you more accurately.


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    You can apply for Medicare if you are on ssdi, check into it.

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    Thanks everyone, I'll talk with my Spinal cord commission case worker and see if he can help me. There's got to be a better way than reapplying every 3 months, because that is such a hassle!

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    you cannot have both ssdi and ssi at the same time. but after two years on ssdi you will auto convert to medicare. Your benefit remains the same but now you have health care coverage under medicare.
    ssdi-- wait 2 yrs---medicare(health care coverage)and if low income you may have medicaid help pay premium, coinsures, deductible, benefits remain the same minus $54 for premium.
    ssi--no wait but have less than $2000(cash stock etc) when apply--medicaid(health care coverage), food stamps usually, benefits

    so when you go to social sururity office you say you want ssi, then they ask you if youhave $2000. if you dont have you might qualify for ssi and if you dont they check if you eligible for ssdi.

    ssdi required prior work and at what age you apply for it. key age and prior work. work mean u how much credits u contribute to ss. if you have earn >3000/yr u have 4 credits. maximum credits/yr is 4.
    if you more confuse just post here, the ssi guy there seem dont understand about these stuffs

    andy m nguyen

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    Community Based Waiver

    Depending how much over income you are, you may qualify for a community based waiver where you get medicaid if you are over income. The spend down is your next best bet and in the long run, it is more than worth it.

    Another option is to have SS calculate your school related expenses, (care, PCA, etc) and then deduct them from your check to see if this qualifies you for medicaid as well. Lastly, check out the "Ticket to Work" program in Arkansa through SS. If you are eligible, you can make more money, keep medicaid and eventually get of disability and go to work. I think this is the BEST option.

    Regardless, KLD is right, speak with someone from the SCI Commission. For now, prepare your spend down!

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    Liquidate assests and put ALL stocks/savings into a Special Needs Trust. You'll need a good attorney -- but, the government can't touch it.

    E-mail me privately if you have questions.

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