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Thread: Disability equipment review web page.

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    Disability equipment review web page.

    I want to start a Web page devoted to reviewing disability equipment such as, voice recognition programs, headsets and microphones, speakerphones, wheelchairs, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair accessories, etc. A lot or reviews on the website would be comparative based, especially on the technology-based side of the site. I am hoping to get companies to send demos of their hardware and software to do a test between 1 product and another. And when I am done reviewing the products, I was thinking of selling them on eBay and donating the full profits to an organization decided by this website. That means that you guys would vote on a place to donate proceeds from those products. I was also hoping, actually kind of depending on some people from the CareCure community to write basic reviews on wheelchairs or other equipment that they had used. It would especially help if they had a basis of comparison. Another problem that I am having is coming up with a good domain name. I need something catchy that's not hard to remember. They would also help if it explained the website a little bit. Let me know what you guys think it please give me any advice that you think would make a site like this better.

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    I really need help with this

    I'm not sure why no one has posted any replies to my original idea. A lot of quads that I talk to think it's a great idea. The big thing I really need help with is coming up with a name for the web site. I will pay all the server fees and all the registration fees myself, along with getting it listed in all the search engines. Maybe I should have titled it differently. Please help me though, I am drawing a blank on any name that I can use

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    nice plan

    I love a do-able dream. Good luck. I'll think on the name overnight. Betheny

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    some ideas
    I can think of lots of names that would no doubt be highly offensive to some!
    This is a really good idea. Betheny

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    Some ideas

    If we are not going for PC titles, I like:

    Otherwise how about this:

    I think you will find that most manufacturers will not donate free equipment for your evaluation, but loaners only, so you will probably not have much in the way of excess equipment to auction, sell or donate. This is what is done with hospitals that are considering purchasing equipment for the most part (esp. the really expensive stuff).


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