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    Sounds good, see you guys then....

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    Originally posted by seneca:

    Wow, you're becoming more and more incomplete. Are you an ASIA C yet? I think that both intense therapy and 4AP will help you immensely. You're on your way dude!
    Thank seneca, but what is ASIA C? Can u explain it to me?

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    Well my trip to start the 4-ap trial has been cancel again... Something wrong with the paperwork. Have to wait another week...

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    Tigger, good news for you. Congrats on your improvement. Keep up the good work.

    Seneca was referring to the ASIA (Amer.Spinal Injury Assoc) definitions of degrees of completeness vs. incompleteness. I'm pretty sure that the scale runs from "A" through "D". In this case "A" being the most complete meaning no sensation or motor and "D" meaning normal sensory/motor function. From what you've described about your recovery Seneca related that to an improvement from your initial (injury) evaluation and your most recent evaluation. It sounds like you've improved from "A" to "C" in some areas concerning sensation.

    To the best of my recollection the ASIA scale; (from below your injury point)
    "A": No sensory or motor
    "B": Impaired sensory no motor
    "C": Normal sensory, impaired motor
    "D": Normal sensory, normal motor

    I've probably screwed it up a little but this should give you a general understanding. My apologies.

    For the exact definition, try a search using 'ASIA'. I think I recall seeing a recent post with this info.

    Again, good job. Go for a "D" on your next report card.

    Onward and Upward!

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    ASIA categories

    Here are the official definitions:

    ASIA A: complete, no sensation or movement below the level of injury.

    ASIA B: Some sensory sparing below the level of injury which must include the sacral (genital/anal) area.

    ASIA C: has movement in key muscles (there are 10 of these) below the level of injury, but majority of these muscles have a motor score of less than 3.

    ASIA D: has movement in the majority of key muscles below the level of injury with a motor score of 3 or better.

    ASIA E: return of all sensory and motor function. May still have abnormal deep tendon reflexes.

    You are scored on your WORSE, so even if you have sensation below the level of injury, unless it includes the genitals or anal area you cannot be considered a B and would continue to be scored as an ASIA A.


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    Thanks for imfo

    By that I'm a ASIA B. I think? I don't have any movement in my legs, well maybe a trace...

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