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Thread: God's Role in SCI

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    God's Role in SCI

    Since my recent SCI injury, I have been told by numerous AB folks that "God has a plan for you", or "God has a reason for everything". I have recently began to get pissed at this philosophy and have been telling people God doesn't "pick" people for tragedy, it just happens. If in fact this were the case, I would have to question my faith. Don't mean to vent, just tired of hearing this scenario.

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    I agree...that drives me nuts...I once read a book written by an injured woman who felt that she was chosen to partake in jesus' suffering or something..ugh! Oh well I guess whatever helps you through it.

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    Yes, I agree with you schmeky. I had much the same experience as you. One person told me God must have had a reason for putting me in this wheelchair. I think these people are mostly ignorant clods who don't know what else to say. Somehow, I think they believe what they say offers comfort. But those kinds of comments anger me, not comfort me.

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    Tara, I wonder if that book wasn't written by Joni Tadi Erickson, a quadriplegic who paints fabulous pictures with her mouth. While I respect her, I disagree completely with her theology. I have read a couple of her books. The latest one I told my daughter to burn.

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    The other saying that goes hand in hand is 'God will never give you more than you can handle'. Ha!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    If God hadn't stuck his upraised middle finger right in the path of my beautiful racing dive, I wouldn't be in this condition right now. I could say that, but I don't - shit happens, and it happened to me. No rhyme, no reason.

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    God's reason...


    I would never say that God has a reason for anything...although He has a reason for EVERYTHING...and that's why He's God...

    There are better choices of words to offer comfort...

    More like "I want to help, what can I do?"

    I know that God's mind and His ways can't always be understood. If we could all understand God all the time, we would all be named God.

    If we all thought and and acted alike, life would be boring...and uneventful. The sameness would drive us nuts. That's why there are differences in this world. To bring people having them care about what happens to each other.

    Don't try to second guess God. It won't work. Just realize that He cares about you and loves you...

    Yes, I am AB, but with a birth defect of the hip. And yes, I have questioned why I am not beautiful like Miss America. Why I have this limp. Why I can't exercise and run and jump and keep up with everybody else. And yes, I think God had a plan when He made me this way. But...I don't dwell on what God's reasons are...I am way too busy trying to be glad and satisfied with who I am...and trying to be a friend when I can.

    Let God explain why...I can't tell you why!


    And you are so right...God doesn't pick people for tragedy! Things happen. Think of who you are or who I am compared to somebody like Christopher Reeve. I don't have an army of media following my every move just because on some days I have to take more than 2 advil to keep my hip from the chronic pain...

    But...I am sure that Christopher Reeve gets plumb tired of having a camera follow him around on days that he might just want to stay in bed with the covers over his head....betcha he has bad/down days too!)...

    It's a fact of life...bad things happen to all people...not just criminals...but get this clear...sickness is not a punishment...or a judgement sentence...neither are accidents. Accidents are what they are...accidents.

    That's my opinion...

    Thanks for reading!


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    flame away, but make sure you know your facts.

    it takes more than a simple thought about God being who we want Him to be. the Lord is holy... we aren't. we live in a fallen world, a world in which we were born into as imperfect, non-holy beings due to the original sin... hence the whole reason for Jesus - so we can approach & be in the presence of a holy God, let alone spend eternity with Him.

    the Lord is a loving god; however He is also just. #1, the Lord does not cause things like sci to happen... He may allow them, but does not make them occur. #2, He does not will us to live lives of pain... why suffering exists, i cannot fully explain.

    i do know that the Lord is jealous... what's this mean? He is jealous of us... He does love us, and anything we put before Him is idolatry, which is not acceptable to the One who is holy. am i saying that God permits sci to happen because we put things before Him? maybe... but maybe not. i presume it depends on the situation. we are created in God's image to glorify Him... were we who are sci'd created to be sci'd? no - if we lived in a perfect world sci wouldn't exist. does your life fully glorify God in all you do? i know mine doesn't... my true excuse is that i'm human and sinful.

    we can strive for perfection but we'll never attain the "status" of being holy like God. that's where Jesus comes into the picture. out of pure Love and obedience, Jesus came to earth for one reason: to glorify His Father, God. by taking our sinfulness upon Himself, a door has been opened for us to humbly approach the Lord. even with sci we can do this.

    i know you're wondering, b/c i do too... the Bible talks about healing, especially as it was part of Jesus' compassionate ministry. does healing occur today? i can honestly say YES. i've seen it happen... nothing psycological, nothing fake, nothing like tv preachers that make it a production. a close friend of mine experienced instantaneous healing of guillian barre. yes, it's a condition that has a high recovery percentage, but it takes much time. her recovery took minutes. i personally have experienced healing after prayer... pains immediately gone, constant muscle tension immediately ceased & relaxed (related to kidney infection)... true, i have not been cured of sci, but i believe it can be done.

    i think people are arrogant for accusing others of not being healed because of a lack of faith. who are they to judge? that's not even scriptural.

    the Lord's timing is perfect, as is His plan for our lives. we don't know His plan b/c He wants us to rely on Him. He does not reveal His timing & i can't understand it; however, i believe God is sovereign... He can do anything He wants with whomever He wants anytime He wants, and anywhere He wants.

    you may wonder... "i've prayed for God to heal me, & nothing happened" -- well, question your motives. yes, question your faith, & question what you devote your time to. don't question if God is real or not. i can attest that He is. believe that He is sovereign.

    where's your hope?


    i know this post will stir up some controversy, so again, flame away, but make sure you know your facts & can back them up.


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    Well said Scott

    A good book to read about this kind of thing is "when Bad things happen to good people" It was written by a Rabbi whos son died at a very young age who was from the town next door to where I grew up. Check it out at

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
    you have no goals, no
    mountains to climb, your
    soul dies".~Liz Fordred

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    It's interesting--

    Here we are in the wealthy west, wondering how to respond to people who want us to be happy . . . I think that's why they say this kind of stuff, to be honest. If we're happy, then they can feel not so guilty about us. So, we should all just take these nasty old rotten lemons and make some damn lemonade, because God has a plan.

    The problem with this logic is, well, does God really have a plan that includes all those stick-thin babies in Africa (and elsewhere) who starve to death every single day? Is God trying to teach them something? Is God using them to teach their parents something? Is God using them to teach the rest of us something? I mean, if we're supposed to be bravely acting out God's wishes for us, what the holy hell are those blameless little kids supposed to be doing?

    Sorry, but it's nonsense upon nonsense. And I'm speaking as a Christian--just not as a stupid one. Jesus was all about shaking up the power structure, all about hanging with the poorest, dirtiest, nastiest, people, all about not letting injustice be the ruling idea.

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