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Thread: Chris2...from NZ...

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    Chris2...from NZ...


    I know you are here on the forum, reading or whatever right now...because I saw your name on the homepage as being online...

    I hope you are doing ok...a lot of us think of you often...

    Please give us an update!

    Remember Kort...the young guy who asked about you a few weeks ago? Well, he's been really sick, even in the hospital...but he's doing better now. He had posted a thread here, wanting to know what happened to you... might make his day if you speak up and let us know how you are!

    I know it would make mine!

    God bless you, Chris!


    PS--remember, can email me ANYTIME!

    I can't get into the chatroom...I still don't have my own computer...but that's about to change in about a month from now! And I am glad!

    I hope you got to go into the chatroom...and at least let somebody know how you are!

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    By the time I got this posted, you were already off of CareCure! When you surf back in, please email us...we care!


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    Hm, I did e-mail him twice, and haven't gotten a reply. Hope he's ok.

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    I got an email from Chris2. He is okay and probably will be posting on the boards in about a week. He doesn't have access to internet where he is right now. Wise.

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    Thanks, Dr. Young!

    Glad to hear Chris is ok! Happy he's coming back to the forum! Thanks for keeping us posted!


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