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Thread: new parking at Walmart

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    new parking at Walmart

    I was wondering if it is going on anywhere else? Our Walmart demolished all its h/c parking and put in new wider spots and van accessible spots. I thought it was a nice thought of them to give us more room.

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    Waly-World Parking

    Our Walmart (its brand new) has tons of handicapped parking, most of it for vans. The other day my husband went shopping and when he came out he noticed a policeman next to our van...the cop was writing a ticket for a motorcycle that had parked in the "striped" zone. The cop then moved the bike so my husband could use the lift to get in. He told my husband someone had called in on a cell phone to report it...thanks caring citizen and thanks Mr. Policeman for responding right away!!! Hah Hah to the dude that got the ticket!!!

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    This probably isn't the right thread for this and I don't mean to hijack it but...

    Seems to me that a 3" diameter steel post on the traffic lane end of the striped area would be an effective and inexpensive way to keep at least cars from parking there. I don't think the post would cause anyone but the snowplow drivers any trouble if they were put midway between the parking stalls and right on the line

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    The walmart here did the opposite.
    The took the space to get of the van and made it their shopping cart drop of thing.
    They also put now the card machines higher on the counter... out of my reach.

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