Depression Screening Day Set
Wed Sep 11, 7:07 PM ET

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 11 (HealthScoutNews) -- Today brings a strong reminder of how difficult the past year has been -- and many people may be overwhelmed by sadness, anger, fear and helplessness.

To address those feelings and issues, free mental health screenings will be offered at almost 2,000 locations across the United States for National Depression Screening Day on Oct. 10.

The screenings will include educational presentations on mood and anxiety disorders, written screening tests and personal discussions with mental health professionals. People judged to require further mental health evaluation will be given referrals to local treatment services.

Along with screening for depression and manic depression, screening for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder will be offered.

"The events of the past year have affected us all. It is understandable, and even normal, for people to feel sad, angry, tense or irritable; to have difficulty sleeping or nightmares, but these symptoms should resolve over time," says Dr. Douglas G. Jacobs, executive director of National Depression Screening Day.

"If these symptoms persist or interfere with the person's ability to function normally, professional help should be sought," he adds.

More information

To find the nearest screening site, go to the National Depression Screening Day Web site or phone 1-800-520-NDSD.

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