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Thread: Service Dogs

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    Service Dogs

    I wonder how many of our members with sci have a service dog? I have contacted paws For Cause and was sent an app. My husband doesn't think it would help him.I disagree. Hope this is the right forum for this question.

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    Moving post

    I think you will get more responses to this over on the Life Forum, so I am going to copy it there and close this message.


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    Check out Dangerwood,, and post that question to Nick Danger. He maintains that his dog changed his life!!!


    I am so far behind I think I am first....

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    My favorite sugject at the moment!

    I applied and got on the waiting list of canine companions for independence over 2 years ago but, still have 3 more years to wait. However, there r other places that have a MUCH shorter waiting time. OTOH, i just found out that the dog does NOT have to be certified in order to be aloud public access so, u can get your own puppy or not so puppy and, train him or have him trained which is what im doing right now. Hopefully my landlord wont object (if he does i can still have a dog but, he probably wont renew my lease).
    They DOOOO help, so tune hubby out till he gets his dog, probably he wont realize the benefits till he gets'em.
    If u need more info on the other places, let me know, good luck!

    ...and the soul afraid of dyin'... That never learns to live...

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    Best thing I ever did. Your husband, sorry to say, is wrong.

    I have had a service dog from Canine Companions for Independence. I cannot imagine my life without a dog now.

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    i have a Golden

    I received my service dog in 1999 and I now know I would not be where I am with independancxe w/out my dog. I am a c5/6. I believe the ADA should tighten its "guidelines" on having a service animal. The test is not that difficult and any service dog should at least posess those capabilities.

    I get called a "blind girl" a lot, and "oh how cute", "he helps you "go places", but you learn to ignore it. lol. my dog works for the federal government, he is famous actually and a crowd stopper!

    I'd encourage everyone to consider. they can change your life! I got my dog from and waited 10 months!

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    check these guys out. I am trying to become a volunteer puppy raiser.

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    Service Dogs

    If you have questions feel free to contact me direct. I train service dogs and my husband has had one for 11 years and is in the process of getting his 2nd. one.

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