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    Parents By: Dann


    By: Dann

    I'm sorry mom and I'm sorry dad
    For my accident takes away the life you once had
    We used to wake up and go about on our own
    Now we're like prisoners in our very own home
    If it takes you thirty minutes to get ready
    It takes me double
    Dad I miss the way in hockey when we used to huddle
    We used to argue and fight when I got in trouble
    We don't have a family tree all
    All we have is a stubble
    I don't think about how my life is ruined I think about yours
    That's why every night I drown in a puddle
    I can tell that there's love
    I can tell by the hugs
    But no one can tell how much love is in love
    Whenever I need a friend to be there
    Whether it's someone to talk to, or to comb my hair
    You'll always be there
    Someone who will wash my face when I'm dirty
    Or will get me a cup of water when I'm thirsty
    Life's been good
    And life's been bad
    I think of the coulds
    I think of the hads
    But what good would life be if, I didn't have thee
    For that I am thankful, to have two grateful, graceful parents
    Who do a great job parenting
    I love you mom, I love you dad
    Thanks for taking care of me

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    Please let your parents read your speaks volumes! It brought me to tears...

    My Mom died last year...and I never truly appreciated her till she was gone...she did so much for me...

    Love them while you still can...


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    You're awesome! I totally agree with Teena. Let your parents read that poem, it would benefit them so much. From what I have read, you are an intelligent, handsome man. And if anyone only sees that chair, and not you, they are serioulsy missing out on a great person. You have endless possibilities in life, even with this crappy injury :-). Good luck in everything you do!!!!

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    A Mom's view...


    I loved your poem. But my guess is that your parents really don't think about how their lives have changed. If they're like me..they think about how YOUR life has changed. They wish it was them, and not you. They wish they could have prevented your injury, with all their hearts. They would trade places with you, instantly, without hesitation. They pray each night that they can somehow understand the meaning behind the suffering. That someday this will all make sense, and turn out okay...and not hurt quite so much, either for you or for them.

    My guess is that they are so proud of you.

    Take care, and keep writing!

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    Your parents are so blessed to have such a great son

    your the same age as my Daughter


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