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Thread: Shower/Commode Chair - Quads

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    Shower/Commode Chair - Quads

    What type of commode/shower chair do C5 or higher quads use?

    Not sure of the name,right now, of the chair Dennis uses, but he just got a hard back and new seat on his chair- it's only a year old - because the soft back and seat were too uncomfortable. He was sitting back too far and would hit his head on the wall at times when spasms were bad.

    Now the hard back and seat are a problem, he can feel some sensation in his right leg, except now when on the commode chair he "loses" that sensation. And today his blood pressure dropped to 60/40 while on the chair because he was sitting up too straight.


    Any suggestions on style/type/model of chair - his is the fold-up style.

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    Hello Meg,

    If you look through this forum you may find the chair that you need. Take a look at this link and see if it helps.



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    I recently got a new shower chair - an Invacare Mariner. The seat is too hard, so I took it to a marine place - they sell boats and do seating and such things. They crafted a new seat for me that is nicely padded, strong and waterproof. My DME provider actually recommended them. This may be an option if you need a different seat and back.

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    The best shower chairs I have ever used are old modified push chairs. Put quad pegs on for push rims, with a modified seat, works great.

    My blood pessure has been 42/36 while sitting and i just use a belt around my waist to keep me from spazzing out.

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    Perhaps we ask for too much... but:

    Does anyone know of a chair that works essentially the same way this one does:

    that also:
    1) is not made of PVC - primarily so that we can break it down for travel/shipping
    2) has big wheels (like a regular wheelchair) so a quad can push it himself (for a quad who is able to propel but not slide transfer).
    3) Has really good padding

    I have looked at many of the links that have been posted for the supply providers and not seen one that fits this description.


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    I don't know of anything that meets all your criteria. This is the closest, but does not allow self-wheeling:


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    also check this one out at nuprodux Link i have it with the self propel wheels, breaks down for traveling, and very light. the owners a quad...i think his name is Bruce. i can't think of a better shower chair. i use this one regularly.

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    Has Anyone Ever Used This One?

    We are interested in the self propel version of this shower chair. (Go to products, then self-propel shower chair). This is really fancy and a huge investment ($4,100), so any input on this would be great.

    Everytime we go down the road of asking for a self-propel shower/commode chair that works for a quad who cannot self-transfer yet, the commment is always the same: does it have to be self-propel? Well, YES! I hate that people imply that if a quad is not completely indepedent, that they should be completely *de*pendent. What about doing as much as you possibly can with what you have and getting the right equipment to help you do that? It gets very frustrating!


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    I first had an Everest and Jennings shower/commode chair. The one I have now is the same, but made by a different company, and I cannot remember its name.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    The link KLD gave use is the best I can recomend. I have never heard of slider chair with self-propel tires.

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