Abilities Expo

Abilities Expo is a trade show dedicated to educating and improving the
lives of people with disabilities, senior citizens, their families and
caregivers. The expo allows you to discover new products and services -
from computers to athletic equipment and mobility products to daily living
aids - all conveniently displayed for you to see, test and compare.

Consumer seminar topics include travel, ADA, self-advocacy, accessible
informational technology, employment, education, legal issues, housing,
parenting, exercise, recreational programs, sexuality, health and
wellness, and inclusion in places of worship.

Upcoming expo:

New England

September 20-22, 2002
Bayside Expo Center
Boston, MA

Consumer workshop topics include accessible transportation, ADA,
high-challenge sports, employment, financial planning, accessible
technology, parenting children with disabilities, exercise, healthcare
and medical issues, sexuality, disability arts and education. A variety of
professional education seminars will also be offered.

For ticket information and information on upcoming shows, visit
the website at http://www.abilitiesexpo.com.


"Experience teaches that, of all the emotions, fear stands alone in its power to move us, or to capture us in its grip forever. In a world of terrors, there is nothing more fearsome that the unknown...especially when what is unknown is ourselves." Outer Limits(Fear Itself)