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Thread: honesty that belittles

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    Originally posted by Debbie7:

    How's this for honesty - suicide is my safety net when I feel like I just can't take this quad thing anymore.

    I'd like to say that too, except that with my level injury I don't know of a way to do it. Sigh.

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    I am sorry if this makes Erin and u angry, and, I can stop expressing my opinion in this regard if it hurts u both so much.

    You might have said this to Rus, but you mentioned my name in it, so of course I am gonna respond. Don't mention my name and put words in my mouth if you don't want me to respond.

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    Erin u win... be happy... Poor u...

    I'm not replying to this thread no more and, since I started it and it's so senseless (except for the suicide part)... Emi or any moderator: can it be deleated? I think its better.

    So long Erin... I PROMISE, I wont type your name in any other post so that u dont HAVE TO or are FORCED TO reply.

    ...and the soul afraid of dyin'... That never learns to live...

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    As per Polett's request as the originator of this topic, I am locking this thread until further notice.

    Thank you.

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