What is it with us?

Well for one, you totally missed the question that I asked, I didn't ask what you do on Saturday night, I asked about a change of friends, I guess you just forgot to read my question. Good for you, you have a full social calendar. I am going through a time where I am finding out who my real friends are, and who was just along for the fun times without the wheelchair. You've made friends that have only known you in the wheelchair, I have some friends that can't talk to me because they don't know what to say. Guess they really aren't friends then are they? Life is good for me, but not peachy. I am going through a HUGE transition with this new disability. I do have a choice to go on with a good attitude, or a crappy one. And hey, I pick a good one like you; to me there is no other choice. But to some others, they feel that there is no reason to go on, and they can't help feeling any other way. If you are talking about you and only you, then tell people that. Don't expect everyone to be as well-adjusted as you are, and let that be known.