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Thread: Manual wheelchair question

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    Manual wheelchair question

    How many of you, that are quads, use a manual wheelchair and can use it fairly well. Also if you have hand function or don't have. I'm a C6-C7 and I'd like to know how far along I should be.

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    I am a C 7/8 and prefer to use my manual chair, but dont have enough strength ( or guts ) to use it outside alone much. So I use a power chair for independence at times. Hopefully I will get into the gym again and buld some strength. I know lots of low quads like us who use manual chairs all the time.

    As far as hands? Mine are hard to explain, my left is about 50% 'normal' and my right is about 25-35 % . I just got the ability to move my right wrist outwards back....

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    I'm a c-5/6 and have used a manual chair since the get go. (Used a powerchair in the hosp. abit) At 1st i had little grip and movement in my hands/fingers so id grip the rails with my palms by applying pressure.

    Now 2 yrs. later i can grip the rails and push although the grip isnt nowhere near 100%. After pushing for awhile my hands cramp up. Its still a work in progress ill tell you that. I try to use a stress ball as much as i can. Free weights and benchpress bars are also good for getting grip strength back.

    Early on i couldnt even hold a coke can now i have the grip/strength to make dents in one. It will come if you work and stick with it.

    Also on my chair i have normal alum. handrails (no oversized) with no tape or anything.

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    What part of Montana? I lived in Billings for 6 years. I'm C-7 and always a manual chair user though I'm trying to get e-motion wheels as my right shoulder is shot after 30+ years. The plastic coated rims help a lot as do gloves. I cut the finger holes out of bicycle gloves and they give you a lot more power to the push too. I just got a new Quickie light weight model XL something w/c, (sounds like a car) and I love it. They sell velcro quad gloves if your not into bike gloves. Teeth, as you know, are a necessity for getting them on.WR

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    I'm c-7 with weak triceps and no finger movement I've been injured 9 years and have never used a power chair and have no need whatsoever for one, I also drive a car and using a power chair would mean I'd have to get rid of my pride and joy and get a van and theres no way thats gonna happen.
    At your level you should have no need for a power chair, throw it in the garage and stop using it, get a sporty lightweight manual chair if you don't already have 1 and start pushing a couple miles atleast 3x a week and in a few months you probably won't ever think about using a power chair again.

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