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    I was wondering what people here thought about the iBOT.

    I posed this questions a while back at New Mobility, and was surprised to find out that alot of people aren't real thrilled about it. I'm wondering how this um, more mature group feels.

    I for one, can't wait to get one. The price tag scares me, but I'll do whatever it takes to get one even if I have to beg. (I wouldn't REALLY beg, but I do desperately want one.)


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    what ?

    please pardon my ignorance , but what is an iBOT ?

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    Here's a link on the Ibot, Dogger. You can also do a search, as there's been much talk about it!

    I was able to see a demon of the Ibot during an open house at Wise Young's spinal cord research project at Rutgers University. A truly amazing piece of machinery!

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