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    Documentary Film Project


    I am an able-bodied guy producing a documentary about quadriplegic atheletes. My team includes 2 filmmakers with substantial feature film and journalism expertise (one currently writes features for publications including the NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE and the other was 2nd Unit Director on films starring Winona Ryder and Sylvester Stallone). One of our directors has a feature article coming out in MAXIM Magazine in October about this project

    We have financed 2 shoots, one internationally and one in the US, and are now raising production financing for the rest of our film. Does anyone have any friends or suggested contacts who could be interested in helping us in this project?

    Thank you.

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    Do you mean help raising funds to do this project? I'm not trying to be rude but I think if we raise money it will probably be going to research. We want out of these wheelchairs more than anything, but I understand where your coming from. I hope you find the funding for your film. Did you ever think about doing a documentary on the everyday lives of people suffering from spinal cord injuries? You might find more people on this forum willing to help with that idea. People need to see the crap that we have to go through on an everyday basis. I'm glad people play sports and what not but there's a lot more to it. Good luck, Josh

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    hi josh,

    thanks for taking the time to reply to my posting. i joined the group because i'm interested in feedback on the project itself and any funding ideas.

    my hope, of course, is in no way to divert important research dollars. we do believe, however, that by making a commercially accessible film about quadriplegics we can inform the able bodied community's understanding of the situation. and while as filmmakers we cannot do the magic of men like dr. young, who created this forum, we believe that there is nonetheless substantial importance in raising awareness in the able-bodied community about quadriplegia -- about both the day-to-day hardships as well the active and complete lifestyles.

    so, part of our plan is to do precisely what you're suggesting, to focus on the day-to-day lives of the guys we're following: relationships, medical care, education etc. at the same time, though, we want to introduce people who aren't familiar with the situation to the hard-hitting intensity of quadriplegic atheletes.

    thanks again for your feedback.

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