CyberWeb, Inc. Offers Web Site Accessibility Services
Helping Individuals With Disabilities Function Better On The World Wide Web
CHATSWORTH, CA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 08/12/2002 -- Veteran web site design firm CyberWeb, Inc. ( announces it is officially offering Web Site Accessibility services, which helps individuals with disabilities function better on the World Wide Web.

Web site Accessibility works in conjunction with specialty disability software, thus making information easier to decipher for disabled online users. The service is available to companies, organizations, webmasters, and small business owners who wish to implement this feature into a new or existing web site. The CyberWeb Accessibility web site address is: www.accessibility.WS.
Over the past few years, CyberWeb has expanded its business focus to include Web Site Accessibility. In June of this year, CyberWeb launched The EmployABILITY Network (, an online resource for the City of Los Angeles. The newly established web site works in conjunction with the WorkSource California centers, which serves job seekers and those employers who hire them. Additionally, WorkSource California specializes in helping individuals with disabilities get rewarding, productive jobs. The EmployABILITY Network web site is Accessible according to U.S. Government 508 Standards.

According to CyberWeb's President, Andrew Lambros, he says, "Accessibility is one of the most important ways we contribute to own company mission - disseminating information. It is necessary to reach ALL individuals and not shut out those who are in need of online assistance the most."

Over the years, Mr. Lambros has worked with individuals of all kinds who cope with various disabilities. He has been a volunteer for the Special Olympics and has been actively involved in several programs that employ disabled people of all ages and types. When asked about his experience in the disability arena, Mr. Lambros states, "They're some of the hardest working people I know (people with disabilities). Many of them work twice as hard as the rest of us, mainly because they've had to prove themselves as worthy in the business world. Offering Assistive Technology such as 508 Accessibility on web sites for disabled users is the least we can do to assist them. There is a major need for it."

Education, research, and service are an integral part of CyberWeb's business objective. In addition to offering web site design, internet services and Accessibility, CyberWeb has just recently completed beta testing its new Online Learning tool. The first module is currently being implemented into the EmployABILITY Network web site (mentioned above). The special feature of the Online Learning component is that, it too, is Section 508 compliant. In CyberWeb's view, the aim of online learning is to offer EVERYONE the chance to utilize the service. CyberWeb will be launching its Online Learning Network around mid fall of this year.

Many steps have been taken by government, education, and business to help with this important task. With Assistive Technology made readily available, people with disabilities are far more able to access a wider range of electronic resources, especially where web site Accessibility is offered. It puts the disabled internet user in more control of his/her needs, and helps these citizens become a crucial and valuable part of the business world. These people wish to participate in online business transactions like anyone else, and they deserve the chance to do so.

The Accessibility service can be very cost-effective, and CyberWeb offers a free web site analysis for those who are interested in implementing the service. For more information you may visit the CyberWeb Accessibility Web Site at www.accessibility.WS. You may also contact Dawn Lambros, Director of Marketing for CyberWeb at: (818) 773-5720, Toll-free at (888) 596-5720, or by email at:

Contact: Dawn Lambros
Title: Director of Marketing for CyberWeb
Phone: 818-773-5720
Toll-free: 888-596-5720