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Thread: What are you proud of?

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    I read the other's and you know what,YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL PEOPLE....

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    those who have responded ahead of me are obviously awesome human beings,,,i don't like to be called or considered an inspiration myself, but you folks are inspiring,,,as for me,,,things i am most proud of,,,,cared for my baby girl from the time she was 3 months old and her mommy had to go back to work so we could eat...then, i owned an educational supply store until i wore myself on those 14 hour days, messed my health up and was forced to sell...then i did the house mouse thing again while my kid's mom went to college,,,i helped all i could to get her, her mother, sister, & brother thru school...then i went myself as my pre-dis profession(firefighter) was not an option(*rueful giggle*)...i graduated with an AAS in architectural technology as the honor grad in my division(3.9 GPA) of which i am mondo proud of,,,now i am operating my own residential drafting/design biz and word of mouth sez i am the best in this small hole in the ground,,,sci has given me the greatest gift,,,the 5 years @ home caring for my daughter,,,time that i wouldn't trade for the ability to walk again,,,kinda strange but i feel that way in my heart...jeff da bear

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    Wow, y'all!

    I first want to tell Harper to PRINT the post you put on this thread...and keep it for that precious child of yours...she will love what you said about not trading your time with her! And keep it someplace until she's old enough to understand...and y'all will be even closer, trust me!

    You all have managed to do more with your lives than I have with mine, that's for sure! And you are right, as in existing is not the same as LIVING as in enjoying life and getting the best from it!!! Glad you can see past your nose!

    I could email you all privately and comment and comment and comment some more...but I guess I will spare you my thoughts...except to say that y'all are the best and you deserve the best!


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