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Thread: Looking For People

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    Looking For People

    I'm looking for people to hang-out & find stuff to do with. Open to most ideas, just really bored in the Seattle area.


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    Hey, Dan...


    If emailing somebody who lives too far away to hang out with will help, feel free to email me at

    Take care...


    And by the way...there was an interesting topic a week or so ago about what to do when you are bored...maybe I can find it and put the title in this message later...It was Creative Ideas HELP on the Relationships forum...

    And by the way...I just realized you sign your name Daniel instead of Dan...

    Sorry...I was going by your danhomeywhateveritis posting code...

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    Not sure if you are aware that: this site will be installing a live chatroom function soon. I have heard that they already have located the software and are in the process of installing it.

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    I too live too far away to hang out, but if you ever want to chat on here my Yahoo ID is sciemi, and my MSM one is

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    Hi Dan,
    I grew up in Washington state in a town called Leavenworth. Now I live in Wisconsin. Too far to hang with you but we could chat and become friends this would also give a good reason to get back to Washington. Later

    Keep it shiny side up!

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    Hi Dan,

    I'm just up north of you in southern B.C. Canada. My yahoo ID is brian_carey and my MSN is add me in if you like.


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