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Thread: The WORST level

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    The WORST level

    All right, we all know that SCI sucks at any level. But what do you think is the absolute worst level SCI someone would have to live with?

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    That's a no brainer, the high cervical levels are the worse.

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    worst level

    I'd say the higher you go up the cord, the worse it gets. So the absolute worst would have to be C1. You can't get any worse.

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    Being paralyzed from the neck down and ventilator dependent.

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    Vent dependent

    I might have to disagree with that. If I was vent dependent 100%, I could always petition the courts to have my vent turned off, thus sparing me from having to live with it.

    I think what would be worse is being paralyzed from the neck down, trached, but only partial vent user (like at night or something). That way you still have to live with everything, only you don't have a quick way out.

    Have I just spent way too much thinking about this?

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    worst level... depending on who seeks an end to the mean stuff

    In trying to notice who seems to either commit suicide or seems to "die young" by finding a quick way to cash their chips, I have noticed that the para's seem to be a little over-represented in that group.

    I agree that the higher the injury, the sorrier life can get. Which makes me wonder how easy is it for quads to commit the grand and early exit.

    This is a morbid topic. Useful? I don't know.

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    come on guys... don't argue this. no SCI level is good. this post won't go anywhere but into a depressive state for those who choose to think about it.

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    Amen blue !

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    Yes, amen blue.

    And yes SLA you do spend way too much time thinking about this stuff.

    SLA, What do you do for fun?

    Onward and Upward!

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    Originally posted by Chris:

    SLA, What do you do for fun?
    Try and think of new and different ways to perplex message board members, obviously.

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