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Thread: Musical tastes

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    Musical tastes

    Allright, allright!! New topic...

    What are everyone's musical tastes?
    And can anyone recommend me any good bands?

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    I have very ecclectic taste in music. I like everything from classical to heavy metal. But I don't like much Country music at all, and not too much 'booty music', but I like some. I could recommend some cool stuff, but you'll need to give me a style. I do love the heavy stuff. It helps me get out my frustrations.


    "Sometimes it's hard to see tomorrow through yesterday. It's alright to talk about it, but I'm here today" (Zac Maloy / The Nixons)

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    Starlight Angel,

    I prefer Southern Gospel myself...but I like all, jazz, easy listening...

    jmublueduck (Scott) told me about a Christian band called Passion and I previewed their tape and it was good...

    Take care and have fun listening!


    PS--Southern Gospel...Karen Peck and New River, Greenes, Etc, etc, etc! :^)

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    i like all types of secular music,,,can not stand contemporary christian,,,like some old time gospel, however,,,,good music is great w/o consideration of genre...mozart was the first heavy metalist...kiss's "beth" is such a wonderful love song...but i love their other stuff...willie nelson is our country's poet laureate imho...creed in concert is simply awesome,,,powerful emotional experience...i am an old rocker but i like it if it is good,,,if it summons up an emotional response...also like zz top type music that is just for the fun of it,,,,rofl....da bear

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    I like Electronic music and Folk music. You can't go wrong with some Gorden Lightfoot or James Taylor.

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    i like rap, and r&b mostly. love the tupac, ja rule, dmx and all that. but depending on my mood i also like trance and some alternative. just what ever i am feeling at the time.

    w00t w00t!!!

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    I like almost all music to varying degrees. Yes, it is mostly mood that determines what cd/radio station i'll listen to. Also, one's voice,,,a song's lyrics,,,flow/beat/rythm of a song can draw me to it.
    ,,,,,I mostly like classic rock,,,,but listen to others; springsteen/segar/melloncamp/heart/stevie nicks/,,,,,then bounce from james taylor to guns n roses,,,charlotte church to lil kim,,,faith hill o dmx,,,lynyrd skynrd to marvin gaye.

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    this is a testimonial-style thang i actually sent out as our newsletter for, when we were still operational. we were an online music shop specialising in electronic/dance music (techno, trance, house, drum&bass, breaks, etc.). provide a few more parameters as to what you're in the mood for (upbeat, downbeat, sleepytime/chillout, world beats, etc.), and i'd be happy to rattle off some suggestions. down below are the selections we had in this newsletter; lots more where this came from.

    "After the neurosurgeons had patched up my spine, I lay restless
    in the bustling intensive care unit, tormented by bleeping vital
    signs and other medical noises. My mind raced uncontrollably,
    yet the question of whether or not I'd ever walk or dance again
    somehow seemed petty at the time. The fact of the matter was
    that I was confined to my hospital bed with morphine coursing
    ineffectively through my veins, riled by the constant commotion
    and buzz of neon lighting... and had nothing else to listen to.

    Luckily, that nightmare was easily rectified with a pair of
    headphones and some CDs (thanks to the Elia clan ;-). I had
    realised fairly early on that music would play a crucial role in
    my rehabilitation, and that it was genuinely therapeutic on
    many levels. The music seemed more important than ever
    before; whether it was chillout tunes for relaxation, up-tempo
    beats during physiotherapy workouts, or hiphop to elevate my
    spirits, music became an integral part of my rehab program.
    These habits seeped their way into my daily life and music
    continues to fuel my existence as an autonomous individual.

    Personally, I never had the opportunity to consult a music
    therapist, but am a strong proponent of the practice, which
    has produced substantial bona fide results in the past century.
    Of course, the benefits and therapeutic effects of music
    consumption are not restricted to mentally or physically ill
    and disabled persons. There is awesome potential to be
    tapped by anyone who can hear the one truly universal

    R e c o m m e n d e d R o t a t i o n s

    B o a r d s o f C a n a d a

    "..They're back with Geogaddi, slightly weirder but still
    with that same evocative, shimmering quality and dreamy,
    childlike themes that characterise their work."

    Geogaddi (Warp) [UK]

    T h e C h e m i c a l B r o t h e r s

    "The Chemical Brothers have done it again with another
    lush, genre-bending album with an instant appeal..."

    Come With Us (Astralwerks) [UK]

    A n o t h e r L a t e N i g h t V o l . 4

    "Downbeat mongers Zero 7 continue the theme of
    inspirational after-afterhours mixes in the Another Late
    Night series..."

    Mixed by Zero 7 (Azuli) [UK]

    H e n r y & L o u i s M e e t B l u e & R e d

    "...A magnificent collection of roots & dub masterworks
    combining rhythms forged in the studios of Bristol, England
    with the voices of some of reggae's greatest luminaries..."

    Time Will Tell (BSI) [UK]

    B l u M a r T e n

    "They have proven themselves to be one of the most
    creative and adventurous production duos in recent years,
    having re-written and reformulated their sound, moving
    from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again..."

    Producer (Good Looking) [UK]

    1 0 . 1 0 0 . 0 2

    "After the phenomenal success of the 10/100 compilation,
    Peacefrog bring you 20 more rare and sought after gems
    from their vaults to celebrate their 10 year anniversary..."

    Various Artists (Peacefrog) [UK]

    T a l m a s c a

    "Lestat is regarded to be one of the absolute top names
    in the psychedelic trance scene, both as a DJ and with
    his Talamasca project."

    Musica Divinorum (Spiral Trax) [Sweden]

    "work like you don't need the money - love like you've never been hurt - dance like nobody's watching"

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    Agreed with Scorp on the music taste.

    An alternative question, curious.

    Has anyone learned to play a musical instrument after they were injured?
    In a band?

    Onward and Upward!

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    lots of real metal, none of that wannabe crap. same with hardcore. some punk, oldies and that awful 80's power rock too. my dad's into gospel and some of that's pretty cool too. basically anything that isn't found on the radio.

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