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Thread: "Extreme measures"

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    "Extreme measures"

    The other night I saw this movie on TV called "Extreme Measures" where Gene Hackman played a doctor who was kidnapping homeless guys to experiment on their spinal cords to cure SCIs. Anyone else seen it?

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    Yes, I wish Hugh Grant didn't stop him. We might be a little closer to a cure.

    Onward and Upward!

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    A low point in both their careers...this movie was a stinker!


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    I didn't think the movie was all that bad. Pretty interesting screenplay.

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    Well, I guess they wanted to present a dilemma in medical ethics, e.g. how much harm could you get away with in order to achieve something good.

    I did wonder about the part where Grant's character was in the hospital and the doctors had tricked him into thinking he was paralyzed... I mean DUH! How could you not know?

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