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Thread: Walking SCI's

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    T-4 incomplete

    Injured almost 24 years ago. I walk with the aid of a straight cane for balance. Used to be able to walk for hours, but old age is catching up with me. I'm still ambulatory everywhere but now when I go to Disney World I rent an electric scooter for the day. - Joe

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    T-12 Incomplete

    Walk with a cane & AFO. Have all the Bladder/Bowel worries as everyone else.
    I am fairly independant walking & love all the nasty looks from the OLD/FAT/LAZY
    folks when I pull into a Handicapped parking spot. Most people think I hurt my
    hip or something. Little do they know that if they took my cane away, I'd fall

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    Pops I was walking.........

    until I also had an untethering of a syrinx.
    I am t2 post 34 years and experinced continued weakness
    after 20 years. Now, I am so stiff and spastic a wheelchair
    is needed.I also lost bladder fuction. I wonder how
    many untethering's were successful?? Never met anyone!!!


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    I'm an L2 incomplete. Was completely paralysed for 2 months after my accident and then began to get movement back in my toes. I regained full movement in my right leg pretty quickly once I got my toes moving. I'm 3 years post and my right leg is probably about 90% of pre-sci strength and about 90% sensation too. My left leg isn't as good - the sensition above my knee is pretty good but not much below. I had my left knee reconstructed too which has made it weaker.

    I walk with an KAFO and elbow braces when I'm out. At home I get around either with the KAFO and no crutches, or without the KAFO and with crutches - haven't quite managed to do the no crutches and no KAFO thing yet but I'm getting there.

    And as for the comments when I'm out - don't get me started!!!!

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    my husband is 3 years post injury, C5 incomplete. He has regained 100% movement in his right leg, and about 70% in his left leg - his real problem with his left leg is the muscle behind his ankle, it's so weak he can't really lift the foot so he wears an AFO brace on that leg. Outsiders definitely know something is up with him, people are always staring at him and he's had alot of people ask if he's had knee surgery - he just tells them, yeah that's it, i've had knee surgery. He also looks very stiff most of the time and if he's really tired he definitely looks like he's had one too many drinks.

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    I had Spinal surgery twice in 2 years after a recurring tumour, but walking is still possible.
    First time was not too bad, but last time in 1999 was awful.
    I have lost strength and sensibility in both legs, but I would say the left one is stronger.
    I also have all the incontinence/bowel problems that goes with SCI, as well as sexual problems (but Viagra helps a lot I have to say).
    I can walk without any help at all, although my balance is really unsure.
    If my foot hurts something then I fall, and it is sometimes difficult to stand up again.
    Of course, it is not possible to climb stairs and walking cannot exceed a couple of minutes.
    When I'm tired, like at the end of the day, then I walk like a drunk man...and if I drink a bit too much, I need someone to put me in my bed :-)
    Often people ask me if everything is fine and I say 'yes, don't worry' because I don't want to explain, it'll be too long.

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    walking sci

    I walk w/ one AFO and one or two canadian canes, depending on the day. After 2 yrs. and hundreds of hrs of PT (including suspended treadmill system at VA), my stamina isn't great (.3 mi on treadmill) and my stride, she ain't pretty. But it gets me from my car to the cart at Wal-Mart, for one mundane example. My goal is to use a regular cane and increase stamina. This will depend on regaining balance-ab and back muscles need built up-and yet more work...2 yrs ago I could move 1 toe and couldn't sit up. (C5-6 incomplete,BTW)Betheny

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    betheny, congratulations. You should be very proud of yourself.

    I'm C6-7 incomplete and can gait with a walker and KAFO's. Not pretty or efficient.

    I am getting ready however to embark on a very serious pt schedule / program.

    I'd like to get to where you are. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Onward and Upward!

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