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Thread: wheelchair tires & tar

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    wheelchair tires & tar

    Does anyone else have trouble with tar being tracked into the house from the street? Anyone have a good solution for this problem?

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    Originally posted by rrd:

    Does anyone else have trouble with tar being tracked into the house from the street? Anyone have a good solution for this problem?
    Tar, what an annoying mess. I don't have a problem with tar but if it was that bad I would be sanding my street, at least the part I roll on.

    As a preventative measure to help keep dirt off of my hardwood floors, I had a 35 foot sidwalk put in along the side of the house. I have 5 foot eaves so this stays dry. By the time I reach the door my tires are safe enough for entry. If my tires are really dirty a lap around the lawn does wonders.

    I do have plans to eventually build a tire wheelchair cleaner/washer.


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    When I use to own my Service Station

    I use to take paper towels and spray some windex on them and apply pressure to the tire as I wheeled with the soaked paper towel. Just make sure when you do this you are on a surface that you don't care if it gets tire tracks on, like pavement. I finally got smart and kept a second chair at the Station and used that for the Station and my good chair outside of the station. The workers liked that idea a lot better too as I would not get as upset then if they made a greasy mess in the garage, lol.

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    This is a good question. About seven years ago my city decided to put black asphalt on top of our white concrete street constructed some time around 1928. I had this problem with the tar on my wheelchair and I asked the CalTrans workers if they could do something regarding the tar on my tires due to the new paving, which was not even necessary, but this is another story. I used a bucket of soap and water and a brush to clean all four tires, and it took about 15 minutes. The CalTrans workers did put sand on parts of the street where my wheelchair traveled, and this helped by reducing the amount of tar on my tires. Today when I go out and return to my home I take an 8-oz. glass of water and about 15 to 18 squirts of Simple Green and put this in the microwave for two minutes. I have one large wet towel on the floor and when the microwave is finished we pour the hot water and Simple Green onto the tires and I roll back and forth on the wet towel about a dozen times, and this keeps the carpets clean in my home.


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    Thanks for the suggestion, one question though, what's "simple green"?

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