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Thread: Hey Curtis!

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    Hey Curtis!

    How do you like your ti-lite now that you've had it for a while? Are you adjusting to it (and it to you), or do you still miss your QII-hp?

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    Hi Kate

    Keep in mind I have the Ti lite X folding chair which is not the same as the sx folder or the rigid chair they make. I swear I really think this chair is more heavy than the Quickie IIhp, it is definately harder to pull into the truck and it still creaks at the x frame stops and now the right wheel is making funny noises, the stock back rest offers no support and the metal tubes are exposed at the top so if you lean back you get marks on you're back which do not look too healthy (I need to lean back when I cath, so I put a towel over the left post everytime). It is a lot harder going up hills as you have to lean forward so far with the legs tucked so far under (I would never get a 90 degree front end again) I find when doing real steep hills I am best off flopping my feet over the edges of the footrest so as to put more weight in front so I am less likely to go over. The right brake is now screwed up and does not hold the wheel at all (I think it is worn out already). I am thinking about sending back my broken cross brace on my old quickie chair and putting a new one on (lifetime frame warrantee) and going back to the quickie and throwing this chair on e bay and selling it, either that or sell it and get a new quickie IIhp. As far as folders go I really think the quickie IIhp is the best chair out there.

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