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Thread: We're Back!!

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    We're Back!!

    Heather and I just returned July 4th from Shriner's Hospital in
    Chicago. We left on June 23rd. She absolutely loved it there and
    didn't want to come home. She learned a lot of things and has
    become more independent. She can do her bowel program on her own.
    She even played basketball and loved it!! That was not something
    she thought she would enjoy. She also rode a bike. She has now
    decided she wants a chair to play basketball in and a bike. She
    can't wait to go there again.

    I wasn't able to post before we left because when they came and
    took the siding off the end of the house our addition is going on
    they cut some of the phone lines. Including the one to my
    computer. It is going to take me forever to catch up on this
    board!! I really missed it!

    They have the footings poured and the basement walls will go up
    next week. We will be happy when the addition is done and she has
    her new bedroom and bathroom.

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    Welcome back! Sounds as tho Heather had a wonderful, productive trip! Good for her!!!

    Oh, the thrills of remodeling - strange men wandering all over your property; the never-ending sound of hammers, and drills and saws! We had our house resided and all new windows put in last summer; the windows blew me away; they had it done in two days, but I remember standing in the dining room on day one, and there were workmen at every window on the first floor I could see - banging out the old windows, and getting the frames ready for the new ones! Talk about no privacy! I felt like I was being invaded! Of course, the end result is fantastic, and I know you and Heather will enjoy her new digs!!!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Shriners Visit

    Hi Laura!

    Aren't those people great to the kids up there? I remember my DD actually cried when she first got into one of those tiny titanium chairs and played basketball. Chris the Rec Dir. is so good to all of the kids. I loved to watch the AB kids look lost and clumsy in the basketball chairs. Isn't that mean? ( I was the worst player, I assure you!)
    I'm glad that Heather is getting the help she needs to be independant. Perhaps we'll run into one another on a visit sometime.


    M.Elston Mother of a teen who no longer wishes to be identified by her injury. **rolling eyes**

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    Thanks for the replies!!!

    M.Elston, You are absolutely right about Shriner's. It really
    doesn't feel like you are in a hospital. She really can't wait
    to go back. I guess Chris will be leaving. She got a teaching
    position as a professor at the university in Illinois. She will
    be a hard lady to replace. Heather really didn't want to play
    basketball but Chris talked her into it. She said that I really
    need to get her into a program where she can play more often
    because she is such a go-getter and would really be good at it.
    Chris tried to talk me into it but I was busy taking pics and
    talking with a girl that wasn't able to play. I am so thankful
    that there are places like that. Heather was much more receptive
    to therapy there than she has any other place because she saw
    other kids her own age doing exactly the same thing she was doing.
    She has to go back January 8 to see Dr. Vogel again. He is a
    terrific man. I hope to meet you there sometime.

    Marmalady, I can about imagine the noise I will have to put up
    with this summer. It will all be worth it in the end though

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    Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time, I'm glad Heather found the experience motivating and positive.

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