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Thread: How Old Is Grandma?

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    Along the same lines, each year there is generally a list that comes out of what the current freshman college class has NOT seen in their lifetime ("albums", the attempt on Reagan's life, Viet Nam, etc.). Can't find one in my files, but if anyone else has it, it's fairly entertaining (and depressing to this 51 year old). Quite a few years ago, my brother was relating some current event to his high school physics class and used the analogy that it will be like everyone remembering where they were when Kennedy was shot. A girl in the back shrieked "omg you mean Teddie's been shot?". It's all relative.


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    Jackie, I guess it depends on the group and the subject matter. Generally I try and avoid conversations concerning race, religion and politics. It's probably due to the fact that as a manager within a Fortune 500 company I have had to deprogram myself from any subject that could be misinterpreted by any employee that I may have contact with. You'd be amazed at what some people will view as harassment or discrimination on even the most mundane subjects. Such as saying to someone "you like nice today". Hard to believe but true. So, no I probably wouldn't, through casual conversation, digress to...

    Martha, I completely understand. My parents own an antique shop. One day about a month ago a young couple with their 8yr old were shoppingv when the young boy came across a rotary dial phone! "What is that?" he screeched! "That's a phone" his mom said. "That's not a phone, this is a phone" and proceeded to produce his own pocket cellular. 8 yrs. old.

    You're right everything's relative.

    Onward and Upward!

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    All Relative

    It is really in the eyes of the beholder. When I was relaying the story about my mom, it was as much about the point of linens and underware only being white!

    I still remember when I was teaching fourth grade and one of my kids said in amazement," Did you know Paul McCartney was in a band before Wings?" I was only 23 but felt ancient.

    My own children can't remember a day when there was not a computer in the house or no Internet. They don't know what a typewriter is, only a "word processor" and could not grasp the idea of a record and record player when we showed them some old albums (original Beatles, well hidden).

    My 9 year old was looking at the store adds yesterday and was amazed to see a Playstation on sale for $49.99. He still remembers saving long and hard and getting his on sale for $125.00. If asked if he could take his back to the store for a rebate!

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