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Thread: cars that lend to easy transfers?

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    cars that lend to easy transfers?

    not that i'm really in the market for one right now - i'm just curious what cars some of you have found easy to transfer into -- i know there have been vehicle posts in the past - but what helps ease transfers the most? (2-door, ground clearance, etc)

    i saw a few pics of a para getting into a 3-door saturn SC2, & i just started thinking & observing other cars on the road to see what might be resonable options (e.g. honda accord or civic coupes, toyota camry solara, pontiac grand am, etc.)

    any thoughts? what works?

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    I find it easiest to get into and out of a vehicle thats level with my chair....hard to find. Easiest so far is actually a small truck...If it's parked near a curb then I am level with the seat.

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    I find the easiest transfers into cars with seats the same height as my chair. Before I could drive myself, I got rides from many friends in many vehicles. The easiest was a Subaru Forrester because the door was wide enough and the seat height was perfect. Other cars that work well for me are our Toyota Prius, the Camry and my Dad's Olds 98. I've found Hondas to be more difficult as their seats are lower than most. However, I'm now strong enough to transfer in and out of everything from a Mazda Miata to a Ford Explorer.

    Door width enters in the equation most if you're taking the chair apart next to the vehicle. You need enough clearance between the door post and the steering wheel for the chair frame, especially if it's an ultralight.

    I actually drive a Dodge Caravan, without any adaptations except hand controls. I transfer in and take the chair apart. By tilting the seat back, I can brace my shoulder against the door post for support when I lift the frame into the car and place it in the passenger seat. When I was first looking at driving again after my accident, I figured that if my minivan didn't work, I'd buy a used 2-door Cadillac and cruise in style. But the minivan lets me haul around the kids and the dog along with the chair. Darn, a lost opportunity!

    Hope this helps.

    - Bruce

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    I have a dodge intrepid, I went to visit a guy I met in rehab ,c6/7 quad, he did his first car transfer into it solo. The seat height is perfect and like projectorguy said the doorpost helps when geting your chair in and to put it together. I also drive a full size truck but the transfers are anything but easy. The best thing about the four door is I can still get stuff out of the back seat after I get out of the car.

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    A friend of mine has a Mitsubishi Galant, and it's easy for me to get in and out of.


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    I like my Taurus

    Easy to transfer into and the chair fits nicely in the front seat when necessary.

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    I drive a Volkswagon Golf. I have found that a lever to move the entire seat up and down (as well as the back rest) is really helpful. Volkswagon will rebate the cost of hand controls and lifts- but I imagine that other car manufacturers would as well if it was brought to their attention.

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    I have a Saturn SC2

    and I love it. Seat level is fine for me because I'm short enough that I have to sit on a cushion to see over the steering wheel, so it's actually level with my chair. Loading my chair in the back seat is a breeze with the third door - no door post! One thing about it: the door sill is wider than normal, which puts my chair a little farther from the seat. But I had a grab handle installed above the door, like usually found on the passenger side. It works great for transfers.

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    Originally posted by Tara:

    I drive a Volkswagon Golf. I have found that a lever to move the entire seat up and down (as well as the back rest) is really helpful...
    hey tara - what kind of lift do you have on the seat? I used to drive a VW before my accident -- too bad it's a stick shift though

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    Mazda Capella - is easy when I'm well enough to drive

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