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Thread: cars that lend to easy transfers?

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    Apparently the new Golf models have the adjustable seat. My car is a 1997 golf. at that time it wasnt available so I just had the dealership replace the driver's seat with the one from the Jetta model. It just has a lever on the botom left and I push on the steering wheel to raise and lower the entire seat.

    I am not sure about the newer Golf models as Volkswagon has changed the body styke and it sems quite a bit different than mine.... Maybe it will even work better for accessibility.

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    Chris, got a rotary car?

    Me too. They're Rx2s over here in the US. They are among the easiest cars to get in and fun to drive. I just put a long primary header from Racing Beat on mine.

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    I think

    The Cadillac Coupe Deville idea is a good one. I have 1992 Coupe Deville and it is a great w/c Car. Level transfers and plenty of room for the chair behind the seat. Problem is they stopped making this car in 1993, I guess there were a lot of complaints because of the big long heavy doors. That is one problem with the car in that the doors are so long it is very easy to get blocked in if someone parks too close, thats what I like about my three door GMC Sonoma pickup in that doors are short and I almost never get blocked in with that vehicle, whenever I have to go to the city, I take the truck.

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    hey thanks everyone - part of me wants to explore other options other than my caravan... ahh... to be practical, fun, or both?

    emi & curtis - you both mentioned small pickups - does it make a difference between 4wd & 2wd models? curtis, what's yours? i know 4wd models tend to ride higher.


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    Honda Civic Coupe

    Worked well for me.

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    My mom and dad bought a new 2001 camaro a while back and i thought that it would be easy to get into, but not for me. They would work good for people with better upper body strength. The doors open wide but the car seat was a little to low for my quickie2.
    I've got 87 chevy 4x4 with a bruno ezriser and outrider. I don't drive it much because it hurts my hip to get into it. It's a higher lift to get on the transffer seat. I first had it on a 97 chevy 4x4 extendcab it work well on it. My chair was level with the ezriser and easy to get into, but it was hard getting the chair hooked up and putting it in the back of the truck for a quad.
    I like my my mini van! It's a lot easier to push a button and drive up behind the wheel and take off. I still hope to be able to drive my old truck one of these days. I'm in the process of building a lift that will set me up in the cab without any work at all. Hopefully to get started on it this week or next.

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    good point Jm

    Between 2wd and 4wd. My Truck is a 4wd and was originally much higher than the 2wd models, I did not think about it enough before I bought it. Then again in 1997 when I bought it, I lived in a snow belt and needed the 4wd. Anyhow, I lived with it like it was for about 3 months at which point my shoulders where aching all the time from the 1 foot up transfers at which point I removed a leaf from each side on the back springs, re bent them and lowered the torsion bar suspension in the front end. Now the transfer is not bad at all, maybe 8 inches up, that extra 4 inches of lowering makes a huge difference. Everyone who knows anything about these trucks looks at it now and thinks its a 2wd as it is about the same height, so getting the 2wd would really save a lot of work, but if you must have a 4wd, it is possible as I proved.

    "Life is about how you
    respond to not only the
    challenges you're dealt but
    the challenges you seek...If
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    mountains to climb, your
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    thought i'd bump this topic back up -- just came across specs on Audi's Allroad Quattro... thing is darn cool, & has a pneumatic leveling system that will adjust the ground clearance (thus altering transfer height) between 5.6" & 8.2" it's all wheel drive. I had an opportunity to drive an A4 before my injury... Audi makes some sweet machines.

    too bad the Allroad (loaded) is $45k... but hey, whatever

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