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Thread: Self-image shift

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    Self-image shift

    How do you think that being the person you were before your injury has affected the way you have been dealing since?

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    I was extremely driven, ambitious & motivated. I am all those things now... except the focus is no longer on getting a Ferrari and a Mansion but rather on getting out of this chair ASAP.

    Ferrari & a Big House ain't worth shit if you don't have your health. (although it is better than having no health and no money either)

    Even though I vent & complain here a lot I have actually dealt with SCI REASONABLY well. Put my marriage & life back together and look forward to a better future. I need to work on rebuilding some confidence and self esteem but being in rehab showed me just how lucky I am and how much worse it could have been.

    Same person, different focus.

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    I've always been an independent, optimistic persn for the most part. SCI has defineitly stretched these traits...but having a positive outlook helped.

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    Before injury...

    ...I didn't give a rats ass about anybody, now some here may say I haven't changed but in compassion for others and their problems has increased 10 fold.

    I get all misty eyed during sappy movies...ATandT commercials make me cry etc etc etc.

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    I was all about being No. 1 and believed that I had no limitations. Nothing was unachievable and never gave a second thought to my health. I realize I now have limitations, but I have much more patience for what life has to offer and a better understanding of what is really important. And I also feel lucky and just damn glad to be here, because I have it so much better than many, even able-bodied. Even with all the crap that we get dealt on the daily basis, it is still worth it.

    . . . Which will make any cure, that much sweeter.

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    you don't want to know

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    I have always been a very positive independant person and I went through rehab fast and am still independant I don't ask for help often,though I should, but overall my positive attitude and drive have been incredible assets.

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    I feel like I've lost so much, I can't help focusing on the past a lot. It's probably not the healthiest thing to do.

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    Anger and jealousy started to set in a few years after my injury. Still, 23 years later I never really let it go.

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    Before my injury, I was reckless, taking a lot of risks. I feel fortunate, in a way that I became paralyzed. If not, AIDES or alcohol abuse may have done me in. I returned to college, and stopped drinking. However, I did not stop drinking immediately. It took a car accident and a night in jail to force me to see the light.

    I became stronger for the experence, and have developed the coping skills to deal with the many dissapointments that life has flung at me (which have been considerable, having been injured more thatn 25 years ago).

    Try to set goals - even if they may not seem achievable! You would be surprised at how successful you can become!

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