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  • I am a Christian

    17 65.38%
  • I am an athiest

    5 19.23%
  • I am an idiot who makes up my own religion karma b.s. etc.

    3 11.54%
  • I never read or understand the bible but claim i have and use other false statements to criticize it because i beleive i am the supreme God

    0 0%
  • I am a muslim woship the moon god allah and will kill inocent people to get 72 virgins in hell

    1 3.85%
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Thread: Religion

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    just another poll starlights left out a few options

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    Not Wanted

    You are being very insulting. As much as each Religion believes their faith, they still do not call others "idiots". As well, not all Muslims wants to kill. I am not a Muslim, but I'm not one who generalizes like you do.

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    So basically from looking at your "poll", being a Christian is the only acceptable choice to you. That leaves out one exceedingly large percentage of the world's population. In this omitted population, the demographics are probably very similar to what they are within your Christian faith -- many are good, some are bad, and some are so ignorant that they post insulting polls.

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    What are you trying to determine with your choice of options?

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    Learn to spell "atheist", at least.

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    This kind of thing is what gives good people who are Christians a bad name. Yes, I know some good people who happen to be Christian, my parents for instance. And no, they don't go around trying to convert people. Nor do they insult every other religion like this poll does.


    "Sometimes it's hard to see tomorrow through yesterday. It's alright to talk about it, but I'm here today" (Zac Maloy / The Nixons)

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    lol.... the person who started this thread.

    Spoken like a true Christian Zealot. How many stonings in the name of your God did you attend today?

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    Darn, you left something out, too! And it's the only one I could possibly pick: I AM GOD!

    You know, my boyfriend once had a really funny encounter with a man who was going door-to-door. I don't remember what all the guy said after my bf, Erik, opened the door, but Erik politely said he wasn't interested, that he had his own beliefs. He went to shut the door, but the guy stuck his foot in the way (!!!) and said, "What *are* your beliefs?" Erik said, "I am God!" and shut the door in the guy's face!


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    Do female Muslims get 72 male virgins when they martyr themselves? I may have to change my beliefs if they do.

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    Originally posted by Sue Pendleton:

    Do female Muslims get 72 male virgins when they martyr themselves? I may have to change my beliefs if they do.
    Who wants a male virgin? Even after 72 of them I doubt a woman would feel satisfied. Give me a man with experience who knows what he needs to do!

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