Going to see Jo Dee Messina Tonight at Foxwoods Casino. I just saw her at Fanfare in Tennessee and fell in love with her. Her songs are truely inspirational and she has a great attitude about life (too bad she is engaged, lol). I especially like her album "Burn", I listened to it all the way back from Nashville.

Made it home without anymore debris from Trucks hitting the Caddy, Started work on the front end damage yesterday and ordered my new wheels for the car, had tires replaced before the trip to Nashville and the guy who put them on Bent the two rear rims, vibrated all the way to Nashville and back, having bad luck lately with Cars. Tonight going to take my hotrod Chevelle 454 out of the Garage and drive it to the show, gets about 10 to a gallon, but will be a fun ride getting there, lol.

"Life is about how you
respond to not only the
challenges you're dealt but
the challenges you seek...If
you have no goals, no
mountains to climb, your
soul dies".~Liz Fordred