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Thread: do we all look the same or what ??

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    do we all look the same or what ??

    i am a high level quadriplegic and get out in the public quite often...anyway everwhere i go people call me "jeff" which is another quadriplegic i know ! but we look nothing alike, he is atleast 15 year's older than me!does the public just look at the chair and not the person in it?


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    that's funny


    That has happened to me alot, especially at bars. It must be the alcohol.

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    No one has ever mistaken me for Jeff.

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    I hate when people think that everyone in wheelchairs are all friends or should be friends. I don't know everyone on earth who is in a w/c, and I don't want to (no offense). Just because we're in w/c's doesn't mean that we all get along and have get togethers just for us.

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    LOL John Hockenberry once told a story about being told by Rosie O'Donnell how much she loved his cartoons.

    Sadly, nobody has yet mistaken me for Nicole Parsons or Ellen Stohl.

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    I think people tend to see the wheelchair first and never get past that.


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    I know what you mean.

    I hate when people think that everyone in wheelchairs are all friends or should be friends

    When I started my English class this spring my instructor kept asking me about some lady named Sharon. When I told her I didnt know a Sharon she said oh you must know her she is in a wheelchair. I asked a few questions and found out that Sharon is a 62 year old quad who lives in a nursing home and takes classes at the community colege once in a while.

    I am 25, in a manual chair and I have my own apartment.

    When I asked my instrucor exactly why I should know this person her only answer was that we are both in chairs.
    So I asked her if every blone in town should know each other she didnt quite know how to anser but I think she got my point.


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    As an AB, I say...

    OOPS, I hit a wrong button! See next message!



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    As an AB, I say...

    As for me, I don't see chairs! Maybe that's because both my Grandma and my Mom spent a lot of time in a chair...and I just quit seeing chairs! I am GLAD I don't see chairs! I see people! :^) But...

    I also think that you who are SCI could help the general public by smiling if you are able...and saying hi...if you can. Just as if you COULD walk...

    Because...until you make the first move, most people are afraid they would bother you by speaking...don't ask me doesn't even make sense!

    The other day I was on the sidewalk buying a newspaper from a paper rack. I had already put my quarters in and had the door open, fixing to get my paper...and then here came this guy in a chair down the sidewalk...and I tried my best to do the "wheelchair correct" thing...and as somebody said...get outta his way! I didn't know whether to let go of the newspaper rack door and lose my quarters, grab my paper and jump out of the way, or just stand there looking stupid (which is normal for me--looking stupid, that is!) LOL! Anyhow...the man says hi to me and I said, "Hi, I'm sorry..." and I stepped around the paper rack, while still holding the door, and didn't get my paper in order to let the man pass quicker...and guess what? He was a gentleman, and told me to go ahead and get my paper...and I said "are you sure?" He said, "yes" I got my paper, then stepped back around the rack again to let him pass. I think I told him "thanks" and he told me to "have a nice day" and that was the end of it...he went on down the sidewalk, and I went on with my day... But after all that I wondered if I should have handled it differently...but I had given him the opportunity to control the situation...and he put me at ease just by treating me like he wanted to be treated...

    I said all that to say this...When you are out and about, don't hesitate to lead an AB in a situation...because more likely than not, we don't know how to figure out what you want out of the give us a hint, ok? >>smile<<

    I wish I could encourage all of you...get out when you can! Never mind what anybody thinks! Be yourself! I like you for who you are...not for who you were...or who you will be...but right now...who you are...this very minute...

    By the way...I have never been mistaken for Jeff! LOL!

    If I can ever encourage me at


    Like I said before...your wheelchair is only a little piece of the puzzle of your's like a helps you get there faster, that's all...I don't see chairs! I see wristwatches! :^)

    Take care...

    By the way...

    Sharon...I don't see your chair at all...I see you...and you are somebody!!!

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    Originally posted by Bree:

    I hate when people think that everyone in wheelchairs are all friends or should be friends
    Yeah... or when you're at a party, and whoever's giving the party takes you RIGHT over to meet the one other person there who's also in a wheelchair... and then LEAVES... like you're supposed to have some sort of collective gimp bonding experience or something???

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