Physically disabled children also get to go campingテつ*

By Ca-Mie De Souza

The Society for the Physically Disabled tries to bridge the gap between the disabled and the able children by organising a camp for the former during the school holidays.

If the 150 participants aren't at the camp, most of them will be spending their holidays at home because of their disability.

Loke Ho Yong, executive director, Society for the Physically Disabled, said: "We think that this is not enough to help them to develop to compete on an even playing field with the others. So we go into these other activities to help them to develop in other areas like social skills, to feel confident of themself."

Which is exactly what Madam Ng had in mind when she signed daughter Evelyn up for the 3-day camp.

Evelyn, who's in primary 2, suffers from cerebral palsy and walks on tiptoe.

Madam Ng said: "During the first year in school, in the first few months, she was bullied by her classmates and they pushed her from behind and she fell very frequently. She would come back with cuts on her knee cap."

But now, all that is behind her.

The teacher explained Evelyn's condition to her peers while her mother enlisted the help of the Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled.

Today she even swims, sails and plays wheelchair tennis.

Evelyn said: "The camp is fun and I can make a lot of friends."

From here, the Society plans to expand its camps in the December holidays to include secondary to tertiary students.

Apart from such recreational activities, it plans to run computer courses and organise motivational talks for older students.