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Thread: Transportation

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    What do you all do for transportation? Choose the oe you use most often.

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    I can't drive myself (SCI level too high) but I do have my own van. Finding someone to drive it can be hard - and expensive.

    For doctors appointments I use a van service, only because insurance pays for it. I was able to weasel them into paying for trips to work and school, too. They did draw the line at restaurants and movie theaters, tho.

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    I can't drive myself - lousy sitting balance and no money to pay for driving adaptations even if I could drive. At least with the new van, my chair is positioned in the passenger position with a power tiedown, rather than in the middle of the old full size van with manual tiedowns (and I sat so tall, I couldn't see much out the front window.) The power tiedown takes a little getting used to - it doesn't hold the chair quite as tightly as the manual tiedowns did, as it just clamps onto a rod added to the bottom of my chair whereas the manual tiedowns were pulled tight at four corners.

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    I don't trust myself

    All the drugs I take have side effects that make me question my abilities behind the wheel. If I was ever to be in an accident I am sure my driving under the influence would become a major factor in establishing fault.

    "And so it begins."

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