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    Seeking Experienced

    Neurontin Users ... ! (also posted in "Pain" Forum)

    Understanding each person responds a little differently, on the average how does it take before a person shows any benefit from Neurontin? My husband titrated up to 1200 mg over the past two weeks and has been at this dosage for several days ... he seems to have no side effects, but also has not seen any siginificant benefit to taking Neurontin - no decrease in pain or tolerance of pain.

    As always, thanks - Beth

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    Neurontin does not work for everyone. It is best for neuropathic burning type pain below the level of injury. It will not help with musculoskeletal pain, and rarely helps with the pain banding that sometimes occurs right at the level of injury.

    Many people need take significantly higher doses that 1200 mg. daily for significant effect. We have many patients who take between 2400 and 3600 mg. daily, and some up to 4500 mg. daily.

    The best way to know if Neurontin is helping is to gradually reduce the dose (never stop it suddenly). If the pain gets worse, it is helping.

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