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Thread: What do You Drive?

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    What do You Drive?

    I've been reading about how when aging with sci or anything really, we should try and save our wrists, arms, shoulders etc. Well, I drive a 95 Firebird (my baby), and well, I'm 19yrs post sci, and I think I should try and be good and get a van, or lift equipped vehicle. Thus saving my wrists and shoulders etc, from transfers and hauling my chair in and out of the car.

    Anywho, I'm wondering what others drive, and if you broke down and got a van, etc., or if you always had one, or if you had no choice, and you had to get a lift equipped vehicle?

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    There are many ways to save your wrists

    My left hand developed a lot of pain so I had to learn to transfer without it. Wasnt easy. I learned I could put my left forearm over the roof of the car and transfer into the driver's seat pretty easily that way while eliminating my wrist from the equation. Transferring to/from bed I do without my left wrist by simply rolling off the chair into bed. Getting out of bed I use my left elbow. I also put my left elbow down to transfer to/from the toilet. My shower bench is so close I can transfer to/from the toilet by putting my left elbow down on it and eliminating my wrist from the equation. Since I developed these techniques the pain in my wrist has subsided 85%. If I start going back to my old way of transferring the pain starts coming back. It's pretty amazing - I don't even know what the problem is. But the less I use it the better it feels.

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    I began driving when I was 15, naturally, when I got my permit. I drive a 1995 Buick Regal GS. I am looking into getting a new car here soon. *sigh* One of those little things in life you hate to fork over so much money to get, but you gotta have one. I have never driven and van and have no desire to. If I did I would have to declare myself lazy. In the long run, no transferring in and out of cars isn't going to help my arms/wrists/shoulders much. I went to a SCI specialist a couple of years ago and he pointed out that my rotator cuffs were gritty. That comes from pushing a wheelchair for so many years. Anyway, I'm not going to give up driving a car until I absolutely have to. Just my $.02.

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    I'm getting a van, but will be transferring to the drivers seat inside. I can't transfer to a car by myself yet but when I can I want a nice car to use sometimes. Like in summer. With the van at least I won't be transferring outside when it's -20 C.

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    I can't transfer

    I can't drive, I'm a C6 quad, so I drive a 1994 Plymouth Voyager mini-van with a ramp. I love it.


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    I mean I can I can drive but can't transfer So that's why I drive a mini-van from my wheelchair.


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    I drive a full-sized Ford van with a lift, a lowered floor (5"), EZ-Lock, and right angle hand controls on the left side of the steering column (down for gas, forward for brake) with a tri-pin spinner on the wheel. My horn & dimmer switch are on the hand controls. I have reduced-effort steering & brake, but I can use regular power steering/brakes--my first van didn't have reduced effort. I tried zero-effort, but it was way too sensitive for me. My first van I transferred into the driver's seat, and while I felt more comfortable driving like that, the transfers were a bitch. I quickly realized that driving from my chair was more practical. I can just lock-in and go. And I save my shoulders for my other transfers. Just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you should. I know quads who transfer in/out of cars, but why? I like Emi's idea of having a car for fun, but not everyday. I knew a quad in Tampa who had a van for daily driving, but he had a Porsche for fun.

    My next van will likely be an Astro w/a lowered floor & lift, etc. Better on gas than a full-size and more sporty & 'manly' than the Chryslers (though i've seen some cool Chrysler minivans).


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    I drive a Saab 9-3, which I absolutely adore! I am a T11 para, and don't have any difficulties with driving or transferring, although after a few hours of driving my wrists hurt as well. I was wondering if there were new positions for the hand controls, which seem to put my wrist at an unnatural angle.

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    chipper i was wondering the same thing the positioning of the hand controls
    are uncomfortable when driving for long periods and when i'm sitting at a red light with the break on i feel hunched over, i've tried moving my seat up but that's uncomfortable because i have long legs. i'd like to see controls that' swing and adjust once you've transfered and are in the seat. i'm looking for a new car, i have a monte carlo with a chair topper. i had a series of spine operations and was asked to stop putting my chair in the car. now that i'm doing better i'm looking for a light weight wheerchair and i want to get rid of the chair topper. I am 28 years sci, but i think putting the chair in the car is good exercise, i want my muscles back.

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    "What do You Drive?"

    People nuts most times LOL

    Actually, after a VERY long battle.....and the purchase of a Van last YEAR..
    I was FINALLY given the go ahead just yesterday.. for a new drivers eval and training!!!!!!

    "every man is my superior, that I may learn from him"

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