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Thread: Car Conversions?

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    Car Conversions?

    A few months ago someone posted a list of companies around the country that convert vehicles to allow quads to drive. I tried to do a search, but could not find it. Does anyone know about this?

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    Did you try using the blue 'search icon' above? I plugged in "conversions" and got about 10-15 hits on various threads. Go to the threads and read them.

    You could also start with something like and make some phone calls to them. They could probably give you a lead or two.

    Good luck.

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    an idea....

    In Texas, the Texas Rehabilitation Commission will help (and in many cases, completely) pay for vehicle adaptation for quads and para's. I think you should check with your state's rehabilitation commission, as a first place to start.

    One more thing... the hitch is usually that they want you begin the steps to get off of the disability status with Social Security.

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