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Thread: WORTH A LOOKSEE - Ron Heagy.....coming to Manitowoc, WI......I'm going!!!

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    WORTH A LOOKSEE - Ron Heagy.....coming to Manitowoc, WI......I'm going!!!

    Although this is in Manitowoc, Wisconsin......perhaps you may know someone that would want to go to this and is in the area or if you are in the area or get in touch with Ron Heagy to have him come and speak in your area.......He is great!!!!

    There is a man named Ron Heagy from Oregon. When he was 18 (1980) he was injured in a surfing accident which has left him a quad-C4-(I think). He went on to write a few books....I have read his book Life is an Attitude and it was one of the best books I have ever is more info. on the book:

    Click here: buying info: Life Is an Attitude : A Tragedy Turns to Triumph

    Anyway, he also went on to earning a bachelor of science degree in counseling psychology and a master's in social work and graduated summa cum laude. He went on to being married ......2 times and now he and his wife have adopted a daughter. He opened a camp called Camp Attitude in Oregon:

    Click here: Camp

    Ron Heagy also is an accomplished painter - with his mouth - and he is GOOD! There was a story about him this past Sunday in the Lakeshore Chronicle - Manitowoc, WI Newspaper on the front page. Ron Heagy is amazing despite his spinal cord injury limitations.......he will be in Manitowoc, WI in May for public speaking.

    Click here: Lakeshore Chronicle - Paralysis doesn't slow down speaker


    Click here: Lakeshore Chronicle - Quadriplegic to speak at Capitol, schools

    He will make several appearances in Manitowoc County the week of May 13. Besides speaking at the Capitol Civic Centre that evening at 6:30 pm, Heagy will gives presentations at area schools throughout the week. The Reedsville School District has scheduled Heagy for the full day on May 14.

    The presentations in the Reedsville schools are open to the public, Butturini said. Heagy will speak at 8 a.m. and again at 9:45 a.m. at the elementary/middle school and at 1:30 p.m. at the high school.

    He also will speak at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc as well as in Two Rivers and Plymouth. Contact Mike Williams at (920) 684-7195 for more information.

    According to an informational packet, each of his assemblies teaches problem-solving techniques; encourages personal responsibility; and discusses respect and honor for all life, the power of possessing a winning attitude, and facing one's fears and overcoming unusual obstacles.

    Heagy's presentations are free of charge to the schools.

    Capitol Civic Centre at 6:30 pm - May 13th. No admission cost but a "freewill" offering will be taken. Dick Bennett, former coach of the Wisconsin Badgers & green Bay Phoenix basketball teams, and close friend of Ron's, will be a special guest and also speak briefly. Ron will tell his life story at the Civic Centre and also about his Christian Faith.

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    This is Ron Heagy's web site and has information regarding his speaking engagments and his camp in Oregon "Camp Attitude" and his books that he has written and his paintings........

    I went to the Manitowoc Civic Centre to listen to Ron's presentation and I also went to a couple of his school presentations while he was here in Wisconsin........He is a remarkable man. I was inspired to say the least as was Jim.

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    Great, inspirational guy.

    A little too religious for my taste but I respect his beliefs.

    Also, I wouldn't look for Ron to talk about research / cure. It's not his thing, at least it wasn't when I saw him about 1/ 1/2yrs. ago.

    Onward and Upward!

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    I've also read this guy's book, I wasn't impressed. Needless to say I wouldn't go within 50 feet of this guy. His politics are on the far-right, and he is very anti stem cell. I actually believe if there was a cure tomorrow involving stem cells, he would not take it. Not the best person to have in our camp. The guy actually testified before Congress against ESC research. Maybe I should go to his little gathering to tell him what a jackass he is. Oh ya, being "politically correct" hasn't reached Montana yet.

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