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    Home-based employment

    I remember a thread on this topic, not long ago. I work in the rehab field and have several clients who need to work out of their homes. One person is an attorney, another is a financial planner, and others have clerical experience. Does anyone know of legitimate home-based employment opportunities or website that provide reliable job leads for home-based employment? They are not interested in stuffing envelopes or other busy work. These people have skills, but for various reasons, must work out of their homes. Your input would be appreciated.

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    My advice would be to search for a "traditional" job and then inquire about the possibility of working from home. This is not uncommon at all, for able-bodied folks or those with disabilities.

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    I've been a medical transcriptionist in one of my many incarnations this lifetime, and it's a great way to earn good money and work at home. The job requires good typing skills, and maybe take one of the home-based 'medical transcription' courses offered, ot get basic terminology.

    The work involves transcribing the dictation of docs; they may be admission notes, discharge summaries, operative reports or consultation reports from hospitals; also transcribed are radiology and cardiology reports, which are a little easier for the beginner (lots of repeats). Also, some large medical groups use dictation for their office notes.

    Check the yellow pages for Medical Transcription, call the local hospitals/rehab centers/radiology groups, and look in the want-ads.

    I worked for a large national transcription company, and we did work from all over the country, via digital modem access. It's very rewarding, interesting work; I just burned out after doing it for over 30 years!

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    Telemarketing / Cust. Svce

    Also works from home.

    Remember, you are potentially saving your employer thousand's in overhead expenses. There's more opportunity than you think.

    Good luck.

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    Here's the link to the previous thread:


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