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Thread: Like a patient with a spinal cord injury who believes he will walk again, Iraqis are determined to resume a normal life...

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    Like a patient with a spinal cord injury who believes he will walk again, Iraqis are determined to resume a normal life...

    I cannot believe that the Chicago Tribune is using this metaphor for Iraqi's who want to eat ice cream again...

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    No kidding...

    where did they get the ideafor that metaphor?

    "It is not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible
    to find it elsewhere."
    --Agnes Repplier, writer and historian

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    You double post, Wise:)

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    i don't get it can someone enlighted me>

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    whoops... sorry, max. thanks for the reminder and keep reminding me.

    Glomae, I was just stunned to find the concept that people with spinal cord injury want to walk being used as a universal metaphor for the aspirations of a people, such as Iraqi's, longing for a normal life. We don't see this metaphor being used from AIDs, TBI, MS, or Alzheimer's disease. I am not sure that the community should be complimented or insulted. Perhaps we should be proud that the spinal cord injury community has made its aspiration so well known that a newspaper reporter would use the metaphor knowing that it would hit a chord amongst a general audience. On the other hand, if used too cavalierly, this metaphor may trivialize the longing of our community, making it seem trite.


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    This ODD metaphor:

    I think that this metaphor comes directly from the media. Movies, books and news coverage center their high drama around the issue of walking again because the public eats it up and it sells. Soap opera characters spend an awful lot of time in wheelchairs have you noticed? It is too bad that the real story is not told!! I wonder how the public would react to the WHOLE truth about SCI. When I spoke to my class that last time, I mentioned SCI and there was a visible squirming in the seats among my classmates. I watched faces when I said that managing bowel and bladder was going to be one of the greatest challenges in the care arena. You should have seen the senior nurses faces!! I wanted to take a picture of how many people to which this thought had never registered. It never occurred to the lot of them that a sci patient would have lost B&B! So much for applying Spinal Cord Anatomy and Physiology to daily thinking...

    Perhaps the movies and news people could center their high drama around a statement such as this:

    "I am very sorry but due to your recent spinal cord injury you will never have control of your bladder again...become intimate with this little tube it is now your best friend..."

    TV doctors would never say that!!! Maybe if they did, more people would understand this nightmare.

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    Squirming nurses

    Sounds like a porn title, doesn't it????!!!!

    Anyway, Mary if you REALLY want to see a group of nurses squirm, mention SEXUALITY! They are REALLY uncomfortable with this. Lots of studies have shown that nurses are basically a bunch of prudes (with a few exceptions for present company). I have to spend a lot of time with new staff nurses teaching them about sexuality and SCI, and coaching them through providing patients with the most basic information, as well as not taking all those reflex erections personally!

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    REFLEX ERECTIONS!!!!??????????????


    Only KIDDING !!!!!!!!!!!!


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    it wouldn't take much...

    for things to "get back to normal" in Iraq. The next line in the story..."They remain defiant and insist that someday life will be decent again."

    In a few years, after Saddam has stopped a couple of bullets the hard way and his sons have chosen to live their days in climes affording longer life, the fact is that Iraq will have a "decent life." Then we (SCI crowd) get to remind the Tribune editor that we're next.

    And one more thing... you nurse's ever wonder if that sometimes, the guy with the reflex erection might want someone to "take it personally" and, for that matter, internally

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    It doesn't offend me much what other's say about my condition anymore.
    Their reaction to a certain situation show's their instability,ignorance.
    The truth hear just goes to prove,It's not the legs of a person that
    is the most powerful.We know the tounge is a very small muscle.It's can set
    a forest on fire.And we know the pen is mightier than the sword.
    There will be justice one day..

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